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    Ok guys, I've done a little research. Been to the shows, to the shops, read the brochures and even seen a couple promotional videos. But I really want to hear from the guys who run the motors.
    I've come down to three. Honda, evenrude e-tec, and suzuki. I'm looking for the 150-200hp range. Can you guys who run these engines tell me what you think of them. Fuel economy, power and so forth?

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    All around 4-stroke!

    Suzuki DF175's, still a 4 cylinder motor. Suzuki's use bigger blocks for their 4 cylinder motors. The df175 or df150 is bigger than Honda bf150 or Yamaha f150. Lots of torque! plus they spin 16 diameter props.

    I am running twin DF175s on a 27 footer.


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      The E-Tec is worth a close look. 150, 175, and 200 all spec out at the same weight, 419 lbs. I was told the 150 and 175 are identical, other than programming of the EMM. 200 is almost identical, with a few other mods. Best power:weight going that I'm aware of. 100th Anniversary DVD from Evinrude (dealer hands them out) is impressive - get ahold of one if you can.


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        Originally posted by big show View Post
        Ok guys, I've done a little research. Been to the shows, to the shops, read the brochures and even seen a couple promotional videos. But I really want to hear from the guys who run the motors.
        I've come down to three. Honda, evenrude e-tec, and suzuki. I'm looking for the 150-200hp range. Can you guys who run these engines tell me what you think of them. Fuel economy, power and so forth?
        I dont know what your application is, but i sure have liked the two 4S I have had, 115 yamaha w/jet and a 140 Johnson (Suzuki) w/jet.
        The worst fuel use w/ the yamaha loaded was 6.4GPH in a 17.5 jetboat, The johnson is about the same or slightly less w/ 2000 pounds in the boat. They are both very quiet, but given a choice the Johnson would get the nod for being the quietest of the two. The Suzis have a gear drive powerhead, so they typically can swing a bigger prop or run a larger jet pump. If you are running a prop then you could potentially see more rpm then you would with a jet and consequentially burn more per hour than my experience.
        I know the new 2 strokes are awesome, but when I see the published GPH numbers on performance tests it sure seems like some of them can suck some gas.
        PLus 4 strokes dont stink........and they sound right.............LOL
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          Run a 140hp Suzuki 4strk on a 22' Carolina. Dependable, quiet, fuel efficient. The only problem I've had is hauling a decent size load. Thinking of selling the 140hp and a brand new lower unit and stepping up hp in a two stroke etec or yamaha myself. Before I do that, I want to play around a few more props, run it without the dolphins attached, and possibly run it a little harder, I baby it most of the time. Very interested in what others think about a repower.


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            Each output level covered in your request (150/175/200) is a separate discussion.

            For 150s in a 4-stroke, Yamaha, Honda, and Suzuki have offerings. For 175s, it's Suzuki only, with same displacement as their 150. Honda's utilizes variable valve timing to wring out the extra 15 horses over their 135. Not sure on the Yamaha. Suzuki claims to have variable valve timing as well, for both the 150 and 175. If I were making a selection between 4-stroke brands, it would come down to price and engine displacement. If prices between 4-strokes were equal, I'd choose the engine with the greatest displacement.

            The evinrude 150 or 175 will most assuredly show greater torque through its operating range than the 4-strokes. This will manifest itself in greater acceleration, and ability to plane larger loads. You'll need to factor in oil consumption for the evinrude.

            For 200s, you move up to V6 4-strokes of much larger displacement than the 150s, where the 200 evinrude uses the same v-6 block/crank as the 150 and 175. Weight for the 4-stroke 200s increases quite a bit versus the 150s/175s. I'd bet that performance would be pretty similar comparing the various 4-stroke 200s and the evinrude. Again, if choosing the 4-stroke in a 200, I'd go with the one with the displacement advantage (probably Suzuki).


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              To Me It's Very Basic

              Foreign Made Or American Made - That's one of the reasons our economy is on it's **s right now because not enough people have taken that into condsideration on all there purchases. If the quality is close - choose the product made - or assembled in America by an american company.
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                not to stray too far...

                from the thread, but it'd be great if America produced high quality stuff in consumer electronics & passenger cars; for the outboards, the Etecs seem a pretty good way to go (from what others have said).
                What American made passenger car can match the quality of a Japanese or European car (I have neither)? Same goes for a Mercruiser outdrive compared to a Volvo Penta; Volvo wins hands down.
                I have all American made vehicles and stand corrected on the consumer electronics; we have Apples, Dells, HP's in our house/business but maybe those too are made elsewhere? Wait a minute!!!! As I'm typing this on my Dell laptop, I flip it over and see NOTHING that says its made in the USA. All labeling is saying China, Israel, Singapore, Phillipines. What the hay?

                Okay bigshow, back to the point! I think if you can get local service for the Etec, please consider it! You can always sell the OB and repower with something else if it doesn't work out.
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                  I'd say etec or honda for sure, only problem with etec is the service within Anchorage. AK mining does the service for them, and well uhm lets just say they're not the best.... by far(without flaming them too much).


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                    hey thanks for the input. As far as american made, I'm all for it. But I'm not going to put something on my boat that I don't trust. I'd be the first one to buy and american made motor if they were available, I think the closest you can get is assembled in america. Please correct me if I'm wrong. It used to be that if it was made in america, you could take the quality to the bank, but I'm not so sure anymore. You know, I can take a dump and put a made in america sticker on it, but I'm not sure you'd hook it to the back of your boat. I think I might be leaning to the e-tec. Sounds like great power throughout the r's and I don't know for sure but they say they're real good on fuel/oil consumption.


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                      I like the e-tech

                      I run a 07 150 on a 21 foot Striper and it gets great fuel econmy( 3.5 gph) and sips the oil. Once warmed up it does not smell you out of the boat. You cant see it smoking behind you. And I have had my boat at 42 mph at WOT with a light load (tops 36ish with a full load of gear and buddies) Now this is the first outboard I have had on a salt boat. But I love the motor. I choose to have chip out at burkeshore do my repairs(he programmed it for the synthetic for me). If I need factory warrantee, I will go to the dealer in Soldotna.


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                        While it is not the same motor, I have an old 115 V-4 Evinrude on the back of tri-hull fishing boat that runs great and is over 35 years old. I have a collection of Johnson and Evinrude motors and everyone of them has been great. I have heard mixed things about all motors to include the Hondas on the back of my CD-22. While I like the Hondas better because they are four strokes, I have had significantly more trouble with them than I have with all of Evinrude/Johnson motors combined. I am certain that the E-tech is a very good motor and has treated many people very well.


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