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where can I find 2007 alaska tide tables?

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  • where can I find 2007 alaska tide tables?

    Can anyone help?

    I'm looking for something on line and can't find it on the NOAA site; need 2007 tidetables various major cities (Juneau, etc) to plan some stuff for steelhead season.


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    You need to go back to the NOAA website, predictions, then find the request tide prediction page, 1 month is free, you can purchase the whole year if you want it that bad.
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      2007 tide tables

      go here and look at the bottom of the pages
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        still can't find it

        nope: the only thing I found on the NOAA web page that does 2007 is the graphical predictions; it provides tables of data by hour but too much to look thru.

        as for pisc-pursuits, all they have is kenai area.

        I'm looking for the hi/los for juneau in 2007; anybody got a link to that on the web?



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          2007 Tides

          You can link to and you are correct; it really is alot to look through, but if you go to that page, then click on "New Zoomable Data Map", you'll get a drop down map screen that shows a map of the U.S...then click on "Tide Predictions" under Data Type, then click on the little red star that comes up to zoom in where you need the tide tables. Then click on the little lightning bolt under "Data" and click the red star again. Then all you need to do is plug in the dates you want and the predictions will come up. Yes, it's way more complicated than a simple tide book, but at least you won't have to wait for the 2007 tide books to come out. Mike


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            that still doesn't give me the hi/lo's

            that's sorta what i've been doing, but it doesn't give me the high/low times; just the plot or data by hour (which isn't enough), or every 6 minutes (which is way too much).

            Isn't there anywhere I can just get the High and low tide level and time?

            The reason I'm doing this is because certain places have criteria for landing planes on beaches on wheels at tidal lows, or bays on floats at tidal highs, and I'd like to find out what dates and times match up to the tidal criteria.

            In other words, who knows where I can view a 2007 alaska tide book on the web?


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              Try this site

              sigpic2003 220 Hewescraft Sea Runner 115 Yam'y, Soft Top "Schmidt Happens"


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                nope, that didn't work either

                got message that it couldn't display the page from mobilegeographics.

                still looking........


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                  tide tables

                  google Tide tables 2007 Juneau I just looked at 2007 10-5. You have to put in the date at the bottom of the page.


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                    We start getting them in the office in November...


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