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  • HP question

    My father in law and I are thinking of buying this skiff. It is 16.5 feet long and 6.5 ft beam. It has a 90 HP 4 stroke on it right now. Does this sound like overkill on the HP for such a small skiff?

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    The answer really depends on how heavily built the skiff is. Better to be overpowered than underpowered, just run it a little lower. If it's a heavy glass or aluminum skiff (as opposed to riveted) it's probably just fine.


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      Its a heavy high sided aluminum set net skiff. So do you think running the kicker at lower speed will prolong its life.


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        That sounds like a great motor for your skiff, I doubt you will be able to load it up with enough weight that it will ever run out of power.

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          My boat

          That's my boat for sale on craigslist. It is a nice combonation although maybe a bit overpowered. The skiff is really thick heavy aluminum and can handle the power without any problem. I can run it at 5500 rpm and 30 some mph all day, but idle back and troll for kings with the cannonballs down with that BF90. No need for the kicker unless the 90 breaks down, which thankfully has never happened. I appreciate the concern, but not to worry.


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