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    Who will give a fair assement. And a real price of what a boat should sell for ? Thanks

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    I give up...Who?

    Just 'funnin'' with ya... and - Welcome Aboard!
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      Just remember its only some guys opinion !!! 3 different surveys 3 different values.
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        The real value is what two ol boys can get togeather on!


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          tru statements...

          Survey's can be a bit subjective... However, a $100 investment for a mechanic to give the motor a thorough going over is money well spent.

          A few years back I was "in the market"... Before I signed the bottom line I had a mechanic go through the engine... Best $150 I've ever spent. The motor was a bad motor and barely hanging on.

          On a separate boat I paid Silver Streak boats in Anchorage to give me a full marine survey. It was straight forward and at the time worth it. Since then I did my own research and learned I could have saved this money by just shopping around, talking with dealers and owners.


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            professional boat broker

            Realistically, I would feel most confident in an active boat broker's assessment. He is the best one who knows the actual market, has seen enough boats of a similar nature to make a fair comparison and can also best recommend both a good mechanic and surveyor. Plus, his reputation and future of his business is on the line to make both the buyer and seller satisfied. Typically, he will get a percentage for his efforts, but if you value your time, that may be well worth it. Trusting anyone that is not a professional ends up being a crap shoot, in my opinion. In any case, good luck!


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              In April '08 we used Colin Daugherty w/ Up and Under Marine Services in Anchorage. Phone 907-529-6025. Our lender required one. He charged $13/ft plus. He seemed to know his stuff. Good luck!


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                A real SAMS accredited (Society of American Marine Surveyors) survey will have a valuation, and overall safety and condition evaluation. The value placed on a boat is determined by pricing guides, comparisons of other boats on the market, and prices of similar boats sold. Banks usually accept a survey if it is within 6 months. The condition and safety valuation is worth the price of a survey regardless of the number the surveyor offers on the boat. I can think of one instance where a commercial fishermen was going to buy a steel boat fishing boat, everything looked great until an ultrasound of the hull revelad that the boat was built with to thin steel. On diesel boats the surveyor ought to have an engine oil analysis run (gives an indication of the condition of the expensive marine diesel engine). 2 stroke outboards used to have a lifespan on 1000-1500 hrs before needing powerheads, newer outboard engines both 2 and 4 stroke can have thousands of hours.

                At any rate a good survey no matter who does it or their credentials who is worth their salt will go over the whole boat with a fine tooth combe. When ever possible a boat is given a in water testing, and a haul out... but up north that can be difficult.

                AK Dimond, you need to tell the forum where you are located for anyone to give a recommendation.



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                  [quote=AK DIMOND;427250]Who will give a fair assement. And a real price of what a boat should sell for ? I LIVE IN ANCHORAGE AND THE BOAT IS A JETLINE ALMAR Thanks.


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                    Thank's for all the in put , tight lines. ><>


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                      Don`t buy used stuff!


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                        tru statement

                        buying new... You know exactly what you are getting... Ripped off!


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                          Marine survey HA

                          Bought my first boat two years ago. Had a marine survey done because I knew I did not know S***. Well the surveyor did either Even got the make of the boat wrong. Found a lot of problems that the surveyor should have found for me. As far as I am concerned I'll never have another. Worthless.


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                            surveyor accredited?

                            was the surveyor accredited? If so, did you do due diligence to realize who you were hiring? Check references? Buying used obviously does allow for more risk, and typically comes without a guarantee, but does not necessarily mean a great deal can not be realized.


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                              I have not had personal experience with a surveyor, but a friend of mine had some bad experience. He had a boat surveyed before he bought it in Seattle and on his trip back to Alaska up the inside passage, the boat sank. It took on water in the engine compartment and sank within 30 minutes. There was no way to go back after the surveyor. The boat was never recovered and it is unknown why it sank. Thank goodness he had taken out insurance and had proper safety gear as he spent the night in his dingy before being picked up by the CG the next morning.
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