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Power for Wooldridge sport offshore 17?

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  • Power for Wooldridge sport offshore 17?

    I am ordering a Wooldridge sport offshore 17ft with bracket and am currently having an Evirude Etec 90 put on it for power. Anyone have any experience with this combination? Dealer and Wooldridge say this should be plenty of power, have thought about going to a 115HP but don't know if it is needed.

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    Can't help on the motor size but I suggest you call Bobs Marine in Washington state. He sold me my Wooldridge for 6% off the "sticker" price.
    Local dealers would not knock off one penny.


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      thanks for the idea but since there was not a current dealer here in Juneau was able to order directly through Wooldridge and got "sportsman show" discount as well as excellent price on power. Then Wooldridge let the purchase process through their ex dealer here. So lucked out and got good price as well as local service. Wooldridge let the local dealer process it for some percentage out of their profit. I think they are trying to entice the local shop to again become a dealer.


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        That 90 should behave like the competitions 4-stroke 115...should be just fine. I looked at some used boat ads and a couple had 90 4-strokes...yours should fly.

        And congrats!

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          I just talked to Bill at Tanners last week about pricing on that 17 Alaskan he had at the store(for a friend). He said for a prop the 90hp would be great, and a Jet he'd go with the 115. Makes sense to me. I know the sport is not as wide and a better match of a boat for here.

          I'd strongly push for the 115 for either the prop or jet. by the way, I run a jet skiff with a 50 hp. With the pump on it the power is just barley ok, and with the prop it is mmuuuch better.

          Even when money is tight, always opt for the biggest motor you can put on your boat the first time. No body complains about having too much hp. But if you are NEVER going to slap a jet pump on that Sport and run up the Taku, or Berners Bay, or where ever than a 90 with a prop will be ok. But if you load that Sport 17 up with 4 people plus gear you'll wish you had that 115 hanging on the back. My sister-in-laws 18 North River ext trans Sea Hawk with 115 Yammha and 4 people and gear barely gets up on plane. Fuel economy with the 115 is still awesome.

          Hope this helps.... Also there is a local fly fishing guide here in town with a White Wooldridge Sport that runs a prop and jet. I'd call up Luke Woodruff or look at



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            I run a E-tec 115 on a wolly ak with a jet. The power is fine but I keep thinking how sweet a prop would be when in deeper water.I would definatly go with a 115 if you have the coin.
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              decided on 115 ETEC

              Thanks for your information and ideas. I looked at a number of other sites and talked to friends with similar sized boats, most said 90 HP probably enough but recommeded larger since can always cut back on the power. I will never run a jet unit and it would not works since this boat has a fairly deep vee.
              I finally opted for the 115 HP. It will burn a little more fuel and cost around $900 more but should work out well. Later owners may want to carry larger loads than me.

              Thanks again.


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                Tell us when it is expected to show up. A 115 ETEC on a Sport Offshore will scream that will be a sweet boat! I am thinking 10 minutes to Pt. Retreat


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                  boat delivery

                  Originally posted by Sobie2 View Post
                  Tell us when it is expected to show up. A 115 ETEC on a Sport Offshore will scream that will be a sweet boat! I am thinking 10 minutes to Pt. Retreat
                  I expect it will take a couple of months for them to complete the boat and ship to Juneau, will come through Tanner's Service Center. We get back to town at end of April, I expect it to be here and ready when we get back.

                  Got the suspension seats to help with the ride on our old backs since the seating is far forward.
                  Ordered a ladder off the bow to help with shore landing since one of our primary purposes will be to go to our cabin which has only a beach landing. Am getting an aluminum propeller since spend so much time on on the beach and do not want to buy too expensive a prop.
                  Am looking forward to new boat as we have been using the same open skiff and motor since 1984.


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