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  • Question for Hewes Pacific Cruiser owners

    If you've got the dinette in it, how well does the wood hold up?

    I went to Deweys and liked what I saw, with the exception of the wood under the dinette seats, which looks like particle board??! What were they thinking?

    Also, do you wish you had gotten the stand-up head instead of the portapottie under the V berth or not.

    I'm down to my short list of: Hewes PC or Wooldridge Pilothouse, with quotes from Raider and Bay Weld still outstanding.

    I REALLY liked the layout of the Woolly they had at the show, specially the roomy head, it could be made into a shower also with no problem. Unfortunately the Wooly is at least $15K more....
    2696 Sea Raider Pilothouse

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    I got my PC with the portapottie. Don't use it at all and actually took it out. For me the stand up head took up too much deck space. I'm fortunate since my girlfriend is cool with using a bucket but I know a head is a must for most ladies. The head would give you space to store rods and other things but I have not regrets with not getting the stand up head.


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      We got the dinette, so far so good, but its early days. I agree its a little disappointing to have particle board, but it wont take much to upgrade if needed in my opinion.($15K ought to buy you some nice cabinets.)
      Overall we are very happy with the rest of the boat.

      We chose not to have the head and don't regret it, it's all about low maintenance, but I think thats a question only you (and/or your S.O.) can answer, what are you willing to live with?

      Try asking the folks on the Hewescraft forum, for their input too.

      Good luck with your decision, hopefully see you on the water.


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        Alaskan 26

        I don't have the PC, but I can tell you having the head on board was the deciding factor for getting this boat. The PC did not have it available in '07 when I bought my boat, and I saw the "galley" as being non-functioning. Use the extra space for cabinets, and add a propane grill outside for maximum cooking capabilities . . .



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          Particle board sounds like some mistaken identity. The floors and cushion bottoms are "marine green" treated plywood. The cabinets are made of a material called "Decraguard" which is the ultimate in marine plywood. It is a polyester plywood that is a marine industry standard and is virtually impervious to the weather or water.


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            Correct me if I am wrong, but can't you deduct the interest if it has a galley, head and fresh water? If you are financing it you might consider this.
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              You are correct. Since I'm looking at upgrading they told me it has to have galley,head and fresh water to get a deductible for a second home. And Maast if you go on craigslist and look up hewescraft there is a guy selling a 26 pc pretty loaded for 109k. But however he's been trying to sell it for a long time so it might be worth looking at.

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                Never heard of the fresh water rule. You need cooking, sleeping and toilet facilities. My advice, when it comes to tax laws don't listen to a boat salesman.


                As far as the cooking facilities being permanent there is no guidence that I have been able to find and from the extensive case law research I've done,this has yet to show up in a challenge in tax court.


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                  Pacific Cruiser

                  We have the Galley in our PC and it seems to be holding up well. I don't know who has the PC on CraigsList but is seems to be pretty well loaded up with add ons. If I were looking for one right now I think I'd give it a look.


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                    Went and looked at the craigslist add, it seems to be a little pricey for a used boat.
                    2696 Sea Raider Pilothouse


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                      Our dinette is holding up fine. No stand-up head, the bucket is holding up fine too . I do like the idea of having a shower.


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                        If you look up the extras on that boat, I believe it is well over $20k in additional extras which would make it a decent deal if you got if off of the asking price a little.


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                          Head is great, but...

                          bought a new Hewes AK 260 with mid cabin and head last year. Still plenty of fishing space for 4-5 in back, plus one up front if it's calm.

                          The head is a plus for the women, and guys too when they need to sit. The only drawback is I am 5'10, 185, and I can barely shut the door when on the throne. My 6'+ friend have to leave the door ajar, and I would much rather they keep what they are doing to themselves!

                          You pay more for other boats because you get more, in my opinion. The Hewes are a lot of boat for the money, and the handling is surperb in my opinion, but fit and finish are not great, ie welds painted over, not ground down, but paint is excellent etc. Also, the storage in stern holds water in the gunnel racks, and there is a weird tray welded ontop the starboard stern gunnel that fills with water (1/2 ") etc. But, I love the boat, mine has twin Honda 135's, it'll fly and is stingy on fuel use for a boat that size. Love the big 156 gal gas tank, but a shock to fill last summer at $4.86 a gallon!



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                            Cap'n Ron , i too had to catch my breath on fill up days at the gas station.

                            I bought my 26' pc last june, i wanted the dinette but could not get it with the twin captains chairs so i op to go with out. I did get the toilet closet and yes its a bit small but nice to have when out for a few days with the wife and friends. It works as storage as well for us bouys, rods etc.
                            We put about 90 hrs on her last summer in about 2 months and loved every min on the water with her.
                            There were some shake down stuff that needed to be corrected by Deweys and they were top shelf on anything that need to get done.
                            I am still trying to figure how to install a small table for dining that can be removed when not in use.
                            Hope to see you gents out in April or May.
                            Regards T
                            '' Livn' The Dream ''
                            26' Hewescraft Cuddy, twin 115 Yam


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