Inflatable with prop outboard and shallow water drive



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  • Inflatable with prop outboard and shallow water drive

    Hi all -- I'm still trying to find a way to do relatively skinny water with my 30 hp prop outboard.

    Has anyone tried a motoring with a decent inflatable and leaving the outboard in shallow water drive? I know you lose power but shouldn't this work on a river without a ton of flow?

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    Well i did it

    I ran a 18' inflatable with a 25hp Honda many times in a river going as far as I could and as shallow as I could. One silly thing I did was use one of those 3/8" dia fiberglass rods with reflector tape on them sold at Home Depo. Made a bracket up front and when it hit bottom I knew I was to shallow before I hit with the motor. The other thing I did was run these props. I some what bring them in, selling being for profit, I get a good discount so I just pass the cost freight+prop cost along. In a river with a prop they are super, new blade $10 to $15 whole new prop $60 to $80??
    For what it's worth IFY.


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