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winterizing fuel tank

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  • winterizing fuel tank

    my boat is a center console and the fuel tank is below the steering wheel. Should I run that tank out before I'm done for the year and then start using my small portable tempo tank that way in the winter, i can at least bring it inside or....someone told me I should fill the console tank up and keep it full and add fuel stablizer. I really don't want to spend 70 bucks to fill up the tank to leave it sit all winter.

    i'm thinking of just running the tank out and switching the lines and run off the plastic container and of course I would still add some fuel stablizer to it also. Thanks fur the help.

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    I quit using stabilizer years ago. Modern gas has a shelf life of 12 months. I would either drain the tank completely or leave it full to reduce the risk of condensation.


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      SnowwolfE, thank you fur your help



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        Leave it full!

        We just dealt with a new (to us) boat this summer that had tanks left empty all winter. We fought water in the fuel on the first several trips out. We are winterizing the boat now and first thing we did was cough up the dough for 85 gal. of fuel to top everything off, then threw some Heat in the tanks to assist in keeping us out of water problems next spring. Condensation is a pain in the $##!

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          I try to leave the tank full and in the spring I add a fuel product to remove the water. It is harder on the trailer haveing 66 gallons of fuel in it so I place the wheels up on planks and then jack the trail up so that I can place wood blocking under the frame to relieve the pressure on the springs.

          I also have an water seperator before the motor and an in-engine seperator/fuel filter. Never a problem.

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            forgot to mention that I do have a racore water seperator installed. I appreciate the help guys


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