Who built your boat? List of Alaskan hull ID number decodes



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  • Who built your boat? List of Alaskan hull ID number decodes

    I just happened to stumble on this the other day, another post mentioned a HIN number, thought it might be useful to the forum to have a quick ref of Alaskan manufactureres HIN decodes:
    From http://www.alaskaboats.net/manufacturers/

    Copy and pasted, hope the formatting stays

    Manufacturers tend to come and go over the years. For this reason, we have compiled this list so that people can find out who made their particular boat. This list only goes back about 30 years so it isn't complete but it's a good start!

    If your boat was made within the last 30 years then it should have a Hull ID Number (HIN) on the transom and somewhere inside the boat.
    The first 3 characters of the HIN are known as the MIC and can be used to identify your manufacturer. Take the MIC and enter it at this USCG site to find out more about a particular boat builder: http://www.uscgboating.org/recalls/mic_database.htm Company Name

    Manufacturers Identification Code

    A Douglas Ensley II AEW
    Ace Marine ACD
    Advance Marine Service Center AVX
    Airboats R Us ABJ
    Alaska Airboats MAZ
    Alaska Aluminum Products AKP
    Alaska Drift Boats KRX
    Alaska Homemade Boats AKZ
    Alaska Hovercraft AHK
    Alaska Marine EJB
    Alaska Power Services ALA
    Alaska Raft Houses Ltd PGW
    Alaskan Kayaks AKW
    Alaskan Kevtech Riverboats KTX
    Allen Marine Inc EEW
    Aluminum Works ALG
    Amazon Boat Works AZN
    Arctic Welding Service AWS
    Artic Arc Welding AKQ
    Atec AIK
    B & B Certified Welding Inc BGP
    Baidarka Boats NRX
    Bain's Welding UGC
    Baranof Boatworks BDQ
    Bay Welding Services EKJ
    Binkley Bros Inc BKC
    Blue Water Boats UBW
    Bluster Bay Woodworks BBJ
    C.M. Welding CET
    Cape Kasilof Boatworks CKA
    Carlson Enterprises CEJ
    C-Craft Unlimited TVN
    Chugiak Boat Works CKJ
    Clayton R Branda XYP
    Copper River Boat Repair CQH
    Cordova Outboard Inc LDE
    Das Boats TGR
    Eyon Metal Works EYO
    Four Sea Yacht FSC
    Freds's Welding FWV
    Freedom Welding Service FWL
    Fritzcreek Welding FZW
    G White & Son GWF
    Gangle's Fiberglass GGF
    Gater-Jet, Inc GJT
    Glass Menagerie; The GNA
    Grayling Boat Works GBO
    Heavy Weather Custom Boat HWB
    Island Boat Works IBF
    J S Enterprises JSE
    Johnson Enterprises JEL
    Kachemak Crafts Inc KCH
    Kachemak Marine IncKMN
    Kachemak Welding & Fabrication KWF
    King Salmon Marine KGS
    Kodiak Fiberglass KFX
    Lambert Productions LOL
    Lance D Stace LDS
    Leecraft Welding LKT
    Lisianski Marina LLL
    M & M Welding JKW
    M D Enterprises MDR
    Madeira Boatworks KAS
    Marian Boat Works WGN
    Mat Su Fabrication Inc MZW
    Midway Welding & Fabrication MDK
    Naiad Inflatables USA Inc NFL
    Nopad Co NZS
    Northern Marine Maintenance NNO
    Northern Marine Services QGL
    Northland Designs Inc NDG
    Old Spice Boat Building OSV
    Old Spice Boatbuilding OLB
    Orca Marine & Fiberglassing Inc ORC
    Otter Marine OTT
    Parker & Sons Kodiak Boats PQK
    Peninsula Main.K-Craft PKC
    Peregrine Falcon Inc PEM
    Petersburg Public High School PEX
    Petersburg Shipwrights PSO
    Polar Boats & Yachts PBP
    Precision (Burgess Ent) BUG
    Precision Boatworks PVK
    Ray's Boat Shop RSY
    Rebos Marine RSM
    Redding Guinn Alum & Steel GUJ
    Retzel Enterprises RCR
    Ron's Custom Boats RC2
    S & S Welding XWS
    S & S Weldng Of Alaska XWE
    Salmon Shark Boats EIM
    Sea-Mac Enterprises EST
    See's Fabricators SFG
    Shapes & Hulls Of Alaska Inc EHV
    Shearwater Manufacturing, Inc SWG
    Silver Eagle Marine UCN
    Simpco Welding SNK
    Sitka Skiffs RJE
    Skiff Shop, The SKC
    Sprint Marine Products SMX
    Svendsen Marine Works SMW
    Swiftwater Boatworks SWV
    T & S Welding Inc TZW
    T&S Welding Inc TQS
    Terra Marine Inc TQI
    Terry L Rice TLU
    The Mark Ervice Co ERV
    Theo W Fleming Co TWZ
    Vulcan Marine VUL
    Wakefield & Sons Inc WAS
    Warren Yacht Works WYA
    Water Walker Boats WXA
    Webber Marine & Mfg Inc WVE
    Wehl Built Boats WFU
    West Coast Radhial Inc WQR
    Westool Welding & Mfg WLW
    Wits Welding WWO
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