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    I have a 2006 Woolridge Sport with a half canvas top but I want to take it all the way to the transom. Can you buy the tops wholesale or do you have to get the custom made. Additionally, if some one wants to sell one I am interested. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated

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    Custom Likely

    I believe you can get biminis on line, but camper backs are mostly custom fit.
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      I had sliver streak in Ancourage do my top and rear piece and it looks and fit great.


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        There is Busters and Silver streak who does custom boat tops. If you go back a page or so there is a thread covering this topic. Along with a few pictures.
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          nomar down here in homer does some really nice looking canvas work


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            Busters or Silverstreak

            Check out the "Paddling a Jet Boat" thread from about two weeks ago for a picture of my customized slantback cover on my Wooldridge Sport 2000.
            Not sure if you are going full stand up, or slant back.

            There is Wooldridge 20 foot (don't know model) for sale that has a full length stand up canopy. I think it is on craigslist, it was on display at one of the used card/boat dealer lots in midtown on old seward (I think that is the lot). If you want to look at one that is set up. I don't know for sure if that boat is still in that lot or not, but it was about a month ago......
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