Day on the Skykomish with Bob Wooldridge



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  • Day on the Skykomish with Bob Wooldridge

    Since everybody seems to like pics on here, Bob Wooldridge just turned 84, on his birthday they took him up on the Skykomish river to try out the new Alaskan XL and a 17 Alaskan. Looks like they all had a great time Bob, his son Glen and grandson Grant. In the pics of the 17 Alaskan if it looks like they are all leaning/ducking there is a log hanging out over the river that was cut off windshield height on the passengers side, you had to come into the corner fast "shallow" and make the corner and not bounce off the bank or hit the log, you can see it barely in some pics.

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    Grant Wooldridge will be here for the boat show the last 3 days if any one is interested in talking to him rather than a sales guy,we should be there by noon on Friday.


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      Great pics Sportdrifter. I dream of a 23' AK XL, with 175-200hp prop, full canvas, and a canoe rack. A boy can dream.


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        Looks like fun...


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          Thanks for the great pics, Bob looks to be in pretty good condition, must have spent a lot of time on the water.


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            yep, great day, i too, will have a "real" jet boat! the alaskian tunneled?...larry
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              How do the Sport and SuperSport Drifters compare to the Alaskan and Alaskan XL? Does the pointed bow and higher deadrise make them better boast for the chop?

              How well does the Sport and SSDrifters do in the shallows (just as well)? I have been looking at the specs for all 4 of those models for a friend and am curious about the pros and cons of the Alaskan lines (only river runners)and the Sport lines(do a little rivers and salt). Is there much of a price difference foot for foot?

              I am thinking that without a lot the Sport models are just a good and that the Alaskans are all about load carrying.

              I am thinking that in Southeast Alaska where you run in the salt to the rivers the Sport or SS is the way to go if you want to be able to run rivers.


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                Sweet!!!! Thanks for the pics.
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                  Looks like a great day on the river!

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                    Very nice. I used to live 2 miles from the Sky near Sultan. Thanks for the pics.



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                      Good looking boats

                      Great pics ! Thanks for posting -


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                        Man that's some pretty skinny water. :eek:
                        That take's a wee bit of skill and knowledge of the river.



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                          Great boats! See if you have a clue what you are doing, you don't need a sport jon, or extreme shallow.
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                            Originally posted by Hoyt View Post
                            See if you have a clue what you are doing, you don't need a sport jon, or extreme shallow.
                            aahh, but if you do have a clue AND an XS or SJ just imagine what you can

                            sweet pics SD...thanks for posting...
                            pull my finger....


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                              Originally posted by tjm View Post
                              aahh, but if you do have a clue AND an XS or SJ just imagine what you can

                              I know wat i can do....and i only have 1/2 of a clue:cool:


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