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Help, looking for Alaskan boat that doesn’t exist

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  • Help, looking for Alaskan boat that doesn’t exist

    Just starting to think about a boat for Alaska. I am hoping someone can help me find what may or may not exist. My brother has a C-Dory and uses it on Lake Superior, and I really like it, but think it may limit me a bit. I’ve read volumes on the C-Brats owners’ site, and know that there are some hardcore Alaskans who really like them. I just wish it was made in aluminum with not such a flat bottom and a full height splash well. The Cape Cruiser is getting closer and was designed by Ben Toland, whose father designed the original CD 22 as far as I know-deeper v and full height splash well, but still in fiberglass. SeaSport$$$Fiberglass….

    I want/need:

    Easy trailering—Mat-Su to Whittier, Seward, Homer
    Durability—would like to beach it occasionally
    Hard top large enough to accommodate dinghy
    Salty lines preferred--
    V-berth and fold down seats for sleeping
    “Ability” to sleep 4 for 2 nights even if cramped—camper back?
    Decent range—200 miles?
    Shallow draft (love poking around) with enough v to cut some of the chop
    Stability that inspires confidence but doesn’t induce stupidity...I might just copyright that phrase.

    Main uses:
    Bear chasing or shoreline cruising
    Fishing PWS with a run or two to Homer and Seward
    Overnights with the fam and beach combing

    The closest I’ve found so far are
    The Aurora Explorer
    Available in 12 and 15 degree V

    I really like the Koffler boats, but I think my perfect boat lies somewhere between their Crusader and their Offshore Explorer…I’m certain I’d get sticker shock if I dared price that big boy

    Wooldridge offers something close, but it looks a little awkward to me.

    As I said, maybe it doesn’t exist…perhaps a small business loan and someone schooling me in aluminum welding? Or I answered my own question and need to embrace the glass………


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    The closest SeaSport in aluminum I'm familair with is made by Glacier Craft here in Anchorage. A friend is having one built. I'm looking forward to comparing to my 24 SeaSport. I'm not sure what the deadrise is on their hulls but it's not flat!


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      GlacierCraft may be your answer. They are built to order and are locally done. LIke all good things in life they are pricey but worth the money especially when you consider you may own it for 10 years or more.
      Even though I love my SeaSport, the GC is what I am drawn to every time wifey and I attend a boat show or we are window shopping for idea's at the boat docks in Seward or Homer.


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        If you're willing to build yourself, and can live with not beaching it on the rocks, build yourself a Tolman Jumbo. 24', you layout the cabin exactly the way you want it, and since it's light for it's size it's very fuel economic. It's a deep V, so cut's right the through the chop. You'd be hard pressed to exceed $30k for all materials, trailer, engine (main and kicker) and electronics. Well, you could go nuts on accessories and spend more, but figure $25-30 depending on how you outfit it.

        The downside is needing a heated building space and a spare 1000 hours or so of your time. If your'e interested, check out Skiffkits in Anchorage, they have a webite. Also do a web search for Tolman skiffs, lots of great articles.
        Those that are successful in Alaska are those who are flexible, and allow the reality of life in Alaska to shape their dreams, vs. trying to force their dreams on the reality of Alaska.

        If you have a tenuous grasp of reality, Alaska is not for you.


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          Have you looked at Northriver . They're pretty popular in the Nothwest where I boat. Almar is another


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            Best custom builder

            Pedro, Probably the best (or one of the best) custom boat builders in Aluminum in Alaska is Sea State One Marine. They are the ones the commercial guys go to. They will build to your specs, everything from catamarans to landing craft freight haulers. They did some modifications to my cat for me. Keep in mind that aluminum is very expensive right now with the cost of material doubling in price in just one year. (Because of the war?) They don’t have a web site or a sales team but are very busy and work well with the buyer. If you look them up ask to talk to Charlie, I think he is the owner. They are on the same side road that runs next to Alaska Mining and Diving. I have no connection with them other than they worked on my boat.


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              I have a 27 foot Aurora Explorer, we sleep 4 in it every once in a while for a weekend. It is a bit cramped becuase two people sleep across the bench seats, but if you're sleeing, who cares? And I beleive you can get them in 12, 15, and 18 degree V. The only thing I don't see matching what you say is the range. It has a 90 gallon tank, and I get about 2 miles per gallon. When I go out of whittier I normaly take along an extra 20 gallons just in case I end up going to Montegue. Oh, and it will go in a foot of water too.(not with the engines down of course, thats just a disaster waiting to happen.) Im guessing it needs about two or three feet of water to run with engines all the way down. You can't do that with a big glass boat.


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                If I were buying a boat for Alaska and I wanted the do all boat minus the rivers etc the Moose Boats M2 is definatly my dream boat.


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                  Went through the same thing recently

                  and I saw just about everything and your requirements seem to be close to mine. I ended up with Wooldridge 27 deep water plus with twin 175 suzuki engines with a lot of options. It ended up around $110,000. I also saw the Glaciercraft 25' and it is $90,000 with twin 115 Yamaha in it's stripped version. I would say that you will end up in the $120k range with that. They are very nice boats with a sealed bilge but you will need to be patient as they are very far out. If you order one, assume that you will get it for the 2008 season. They are much taller hull than the others and almost seem to be a semi-displacement design. Not very fast but very sea-worthy. You may also want to check Arima 22 Sea Legend but they are pricey for what they are. Good luck. Feel free to PM me or call me if you want to find out what I found in my quest.



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                    I,m quite happy with my Lifetimer 2700, gets a little small with 2 couples on some of the longer (6-7) day trips.
                    We are in and around Icy Straights allot.
                    Canadian made so good deal on your dollar.

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