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    I'm 80% sold on having Boulton build me a 24' Explorer, my one concern though is the 34 degree bow angle. Its the shallowest of all the boats I've looked closely at. I'd much prefer a deeper V: 40-45 degrees

    Will it beat me up in rough water? Me and my fishing buddy have a pretty good tolerance for rough rides, my wife however..... not so much.

    According to my research, a (relatively) shallow bow does have some advantages: On step quicker (don't care) and less drag and better fuel efficiency (care a lot)

    So, is a 34 degree bow angle okay? to shallow? Opinions?

    Also, if anybody owns one what do you think of the ride and the fit-and-finish.

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    We have a 20 foot Boulton sea skiff and yes, it can pound the water a bit under some chop - you'll just need to slow down a bit under those conditions. We've had ours for 5 years - a very well made boat - no regrets.


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      Bow angle is only part of the formula for running in chop. The dead rise that runs the full lenght of the boat will determine if it is going to pound. You need an 18 degrees at the transom or more for the boat to perform well in heavy chop. I have 1 boat that has a 10 degrees dead rise and it well beat you up in heavy chop. You have to trim the nose all the way down which will cause it to really burn fuel and you end up going slow. The other thing you have to look at is the weight of the boat. Little weight boats get thrown around pretty good in 3 to 4 ft seas. Slowing down and taking your time is the best thing you can due.


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        I believe the Boulton has a 12 Deg. deadrise, which is fairly flat for the salt. I know the Boutlon Explorers are efficient and plane easily, but pound pretty good due to the relatively flat bottom. They are fast and light, therfore you won't need as much HP for the boat. There's always trade offs when it comes to an ocean boat.


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          Maybe it's just me...

          But if I was going thru the expense of having a boat built, I'd go for something that's not gonna tax my "pretty good tolerance for rough rides". Man, to go thru all that and wish you did something different the first trip out would be a tough pill to swallow. Also, you mentioned your wife, maybe I'm missing something, but it would seem you'd want a comfortable ride. I too can handle pretty nasty conditions (used to commercial fish) but it still wasn't fun, plus if you want people to go out with you, most others may not have that "roughing it" streak. Just my opinion, but go with the most deadrise and most horsepower you can get. I guess I should've prefaced all that with it really depends on where/how you're gonna use your boat. The term "rough" means a lot of different things to different people.
          Good luck!
          P.S. Don't forget the "years" factor. I'm still pretty young (40) but am a little more cautious/smarter about what I'll put myself thru. The "tough" factor in all of us tends to wane as time goes by!!!
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            Thanks for the info so far, I'm trying to get the most boat-for-my-buck as I can, Boulton so far is the leader in value

            Hewes Pacific Cruiser rides better, and costs about the same, but they dont customize boats, and when I factor in the cost to have the boat modified with the things I want by a third party (roof swing arm davit, hatch placements, etc) they quickly get expensive.

            The thing is, I only have 50% (at best) use of my left hand due to a table saw accident a few years ago, so I need a boat fairly customized so I dont need to have lift anything over 15 lbs requiring two hands.

            FishRite doesnt customize either, Glacier Craft was too expensive and they're backed up for years, and Raider never returned my email or calls.

            I have a couple more "We'll get back to you after the boat shows" with Bay Weld and Alumaweld going, we'll see.

            Went to Marita today, the salesman showed me a 26 Explorer and swore it "was a real soft ride" - but then he would :rolleyes:
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              We owned a 27 foot explorer and it pounded the daylights out of us in chop. Trimming the bow down helped a lot in the 1-2 footers, but it sucked the fuel. Once in the 3+ footers it would pound more. It really is a river boat hull. We loved the boat to death and owned it for 6 years but decided to upgrade.

              It was a very fast(42mph) and efficient boat and was great to fish out of.


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                I have a 22' Boulton Sea Skiff in 16 deg. It is much smoother in the chop than 12 deg. It eats up a lot of power though. The Explorer model is available in 5, 12 or 16 deg., so they are not all are the same. Make sure you compare apples to apples, comparing two models with the same deadrise.

                I am very pleased with my boats performance. It rides quite well and does pretty good on fuel. It is powered by a 150 Honda. I wish it had a larger fuel tank though.

                By the way, I am willing to bet that Stormchasers Marine in Seward still has a 24' explorer for sale. It is a 16 deg. and is powered with a couple Honda outboards. Last season they were asking $75k, brand new. I purchased my boat from them and was pleased. The crew at Stormchasers is first rate and the installs I had done where perfect, with attention to detail. Other than having to drive to Seward, the purchase was smooth and pleasant. You can probably set up a sea trial, taking the boat out for a short cruise around seward. I will say that they get very busy in the spring. I picked my boat up in April and it was very very busy there.


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                  Thanks Jeff, I'll certianly check them out!
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