where to get trailer work done?



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  • where to get trailer work done?

    i was out back checkin my boat and i think im gonna replace my rims and tires along with repacking the bearings. any suggestions on where to take it to get the work done? thanks

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    How about a DIY Project

    It's a real simple process to complete it yourself, I am sure someone on this net would offer to help you save some serious dollars for maybe a boat ride. If that's not an option - maybe try JK Kimberly Service In ANC of Arctic Blvd - or Trailercraft Inc. over by Dowling Rd

    Attached is a couple websites that explain the process.



    I would check with Deweys Marine and Trailercraft for the new tires/rims.

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      Trailer work

      Aurora Trailers is running a special on winter time trailer repairs

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        Definately a do it yourself deal on the bearings arcticfox. Save yourself some cash and put it in the gas tank this summer. As for tires fishnut is right, buy good quality trailer tires or you'll regret it sooner or later. You never get a flat when it's convenient so don't take any chances there.
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          6 Roblees did work on my old trailer and did a good job. On 3rd Street (?).


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            Six Robbers is good but they're pretty high on all their prices. Bulletproof Trailers in Fairbanks is where I go for anything I need done. He doesn't carry alot of parts and stuff but he's a top notch welder and a stand up guy. Ask for Brett. They're off Van Horn near Darby's.
            " There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot" - Steven Wright


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