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  • Coast Guard help on the forum

    We were recently approached by the Coast Guard about the possibility of participation here on the forum. I gave a very positive affirmative on that, and as a result CG Boating Safety is a new member of the forum.

    Mike will be our contact. He told me that he is a 28 year resident of Alaska. He has boated throughout Alaska, mostly in Southcentral and Southeast. He has experience in canoes, kayaks, skiffs, PWC's, airboats, jetboats, cruisers and motoryachts. He currently own a 37' Bayliner, a Zodiac, two kayaks, two PWC's and a 14' duckboat.

    He has been a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary since 1996 and a civilian employee of the Coast Guard.

    Mike says he would be happy to answer questions relating to recreational boating safety including what you need to be legal and also what to do if you get stopped by the Coast Guard and get a safety violation. He can also answer most general questions about the Coast Guard or can refer the questions to the right people. are most welcome here. Please don't hesitate to respond to ongoing threads, and even start new ones about issues that Alaska boaters should know about.


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    Excellent Addition!!!




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      Welcome: CG Boating Safety

      These guys do a thankless job most of the time patroling and checking boats. I lost my radio one time on a trip back to Valdez in heavy 4-5 seas. The trip took five hours longer than necessary. They sent the cutter out to look for me.

      Welcome aboard guys!

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      Life Member Veterans of Foreign Wars
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        We even promise not to throw rocks at you. Welcome aboard Mike.


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          Boating Safety

          Thanks! I'm looking forward to answering questions relating to boating safety and the Coast Guard. As everyone probably knows by now, the CG missions have expanded drastically since 9/11 and you may see CG small boats with mounted machine guns patrolling security zones around Alaska. You may have also seen Alaska State Troopers with Coasties doing recreational safety boardings around Alaska. I should be able to answer most questions or I can certainly find the answers. I'll also provide boating safety information; two good sources are and Again, thank you and I'm glad to be aboard! Mike


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            Welcome and it's going to be great having you around
            Living the Alaskan Dream
            Gary Keller
            Anchorage, AK


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              Welcome !

              Welcome aboard and I look forward to your help and insight.

              -- Gambler


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                Indeed, great to have your input Mike. Alaska has been a tough nut to crack as far as boater education. As our stats show, our incident rate is pretty poor. I really think were on the right track with the education programs from DNR as well as the work you guys do. Thanks

                Keep up the great work!

                Jake Schlapfer
                DOI Watercraft Safety Lead


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