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    From the number of views, I'd say people are interested in Go-Devil engines. On the other hand, since there haven't been any replies, I figure I killled this thread deadr' hell! Was it the boat, the dog, or my girlish figure?


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      Sorry to say it was your

      girlish figure

      Have a nice day.


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        You pretty much answered my questions. I guess the only one I have left is why these motors are not more popular up here. I have been reading up on these things for about a year over at d u c k h u n t e r . n e t and just don't see the downside to them when compared to something like an outboard jet. More durable, more reliable motor, more versatile, better MPG, and from what people say on here they will go in the same shallow rivers a jet will go and more.

        Needless to say I will be looking at one of these real hard next spring. One last question. My ideal setup would be to put one of these motors on my 18' X 48" riveted Lowe, I would also have remote steering by way of a stick steer setup. Is there anything wrong with this setup that should be changed?


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          I don't have any idea why they're not more popular other than it's a situation where people have always used jets and therefore the "only" thing to have for shallow rivers is a jet. Kind of like the only truck to have is a Chevy Dodge Ford?

          If and when I bash my 18x48 rivited Lowe so badly I can't fix it, I'l probably buy another rivited boat. They are lighter than a true blue mud motor boat the swamp boys down south use and I always subscribe to the idea that lighter means faster means less fuel burn means going further. Plus, I can get my boat off a mud/gravel bar by myself. You may know how much work it is to get a big jet boat off a bar. Bigger is not always better IMHO.

          You need to talk to Stu Varner about remote steering. He's got ideas.

          Glad to try and bring you over to the "mud motor" side of things!


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            Mud motors

            The remote steering isn't an option with a GoDevil surfacedrive ... yet. It is being worked on by the factory but until they get a system that is as reliable as the motor they won't offer it for sale. You might check with the Boat Shop. I think their ProDrive can be set up with remote controls.


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              What are you guy's experiences with running rivers without reverse?


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                I've never had reverse so I don't know any better. But, I never had reverse in my airplane either and it always seemed to work ok.

                Sorry, I'm not much help.


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                  Who says I don't have reverse? In one boat it's a 12 ft push pole and in the other it's a set of oars. Neither one has ever broken or reguired maintenance.
                  Seriously, there are mudmotors that offer reverse, but not Godevil. Since I've never had it I've never missed it. I run almost a thousand miles on the rivers every summer and I don't see it as a safety issue.


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                    I've run my Godevil from Nulato to Kotlik then to Unalakleet!

                    Ok, I've had my 35hp GD for 2 seasons on an 18x48 alweld and it is tough as nails....and light...i can jump rock or sand bars and if i do get stuck by myself, I have a spruce pole about 12ft long that i use to bar myself off with...

                    yeah, some of the bigger jet units have a longer "jump" than I do, but, alll it takes is ONE time not getting that unit high enough and it is all over but the crying, cursing and shelling out big $$$$$;s....

                    sooo, for a new guy up here running the yukon, fish river, etc, it is great since if I make a mistake, heck, GD is forgiving and light....

                    I actually drove mine 600 miles down the yukon to kotlik with 1,000lbs loaded on it...then got on the ocean adn went 125 miles from kotlik to unalakleet!....the swells were long, so, the ocean was easier than the south yukon since there the swells are close together and tend to want to come over my low boat sides!....

                    I will answer another question about boat sales in Ak....most of the hunters here, native and white, (i live in a native village).....don't want to have to work at driving a boat...hey, i won't lie, a GD is alot more work on one end of the spectrum....they want to sit down, have a covered seat, etc....but, on the other end of the spectrum, these guys have to pull lower units, spend big bucks to fix em or dig them out of the mudd!!!!...I DON"T!!!! I take a big hit, my motor bounces up, and I go on....

                    sooo, for a newby like me, it's the best spent money...and until godevil gets a remote steering and an EASY seat/Cover setup, it wont sell much to the white nor native hunters here....

                    Contact Stu Varner at (907) 488-8601, he is the godevil dealer in fairbanks and he will sell you a unit...and I mean sell you on it...he will tell you the good, bad and ugly about GD and help you figure out how to get it how you want it...period...he met up with me multiple times, took me out in his and has taken and returned all of my calls...emails me regularly, i deal alot with him and not La for stuff....

                    REVERSE! that is something else that can go wrong and break down in the middle of no where for me, so, I really don't need it!...Neutral??? just raise the prop up, keep it simple and that saves me $$$$!...

                    just my two sense...

                    scotty starr
                    Scotty in the AK bush


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                      I started with a godevil then went to a 27 prodive now have a 32 prodrive on a 4816 work great Not to say anythig bad about another motor but I love my prodrive I its like an outbord but you can abuse it and it turns on a dime and the customer service prodive has given me has been great. Just my two cents worh they are all good just depends on which motor you want.
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