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383 stroker engine

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  • 383 stroker engine

    Has or does anyone use this engine? Basically its a 350 that has been stroked for more power and would like to purchase one but just wondering if anyone has the chance to abuse one of these yet to see how they stand up.

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    It's way old technology, and fairly well proven. Adding the stoke, minus adding bore size, aka 400ci small block chevy, provides increased torque without the cooling problems associated with the 400ci version.


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      What would the difference in horsepower be? Just thinking that when it comes time to rebuild or purchase i would go with one of these engines as the engine weight is like a 350 with more power, rather than a big block which is alot more heavy.


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        The horsepower difference can be substantial. Depends on cc heads, camshaft, pistons. I built and ran (2) a stroker in an old 72 blazer and a 78 full-size p/u. With the snowplow on the frontend I blew the doors off my brothers Camaro. Other little tricks, use the smaller harmonic balancer, (off a 307 or 305) It allows the engine to rev faster to your power range each time. I have to admit though my experience has been with vehicle not boats. But as you suggested; it allows a engine with the output of a bigblock, going back in the hole of a smallblock.


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          I'm not much of a motor guy, but we just had one built for us by TNT Motors in Soldotna and are planning on installing it in a 22 ft boat this winter in place of a 496. It's supposed to make 400 horse, and 400 ft/lbs torque at 3600 rpm. We'll be coupling it to a hamilton 212 jet. If you let me know your email, I can shoot you some pictures of it if you'd like. I'm with you, I think it'll perform very similarly to the big block, but some couple hundred pounds lighter... Course, I could start exercising and probably accomplish that same advantage without switching motors too!!!!


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            By simply increasing the stroke and hence displacement you gain 10% more displacment, but due to efficiency issues, you don't gain 10% more power. If you can buy a 383 for the same as a 350, then it's essentially free hp, but it doesn't make your small block into a big block.

            If you really want some hp gains, you need to look into heads and cams, that is where you can gain some serious hp, but I don't know if you want to be running the auto heads in a marine application due to coolant issues. There might also be some limitations to how much power you're going to make depending on your exhaust system.
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