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Gas Prices on the Yukon

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  • Gas Prices on the Yukon

    Does anyone know current gas prices in Tanana, Ruby, or Galena?

    At the Yukon River Camp at the Hual Road it was $3.69/gal on 08/28/2006.

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    Tanana- Tanana gas company: (907) 366-7255

    Ruby- Dineega Fuel Co (907) 468-4436

    They should be able to give you and idea but guys have always told me that if you have to ask you probably cannot afford to go. I have heard $5-$6 a gallon is a possibility this year..


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      Heard Ruby is 4.85/gal and Galena, at the store, is 5.20.
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        I've been paying $4.71 at the mouth of the Yukon in Kotlik all summer long. Price went up before the fuel barge came in, so jumping 22 cents at the end of Sept after moose hunting. The adventure of being out there is worth the cost of fuel, just like any other thing we pay for.
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          fuel charges

          is this the same eric i know, from dennis/markair went to koyukuk. galena was 5.35 and tanana was 4.80 somethin was a hard hunt too hot for hanging meat 62 and 58 non typical real nice short sleeve hunt


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            Yukon Moose Hunt info

            Im planning a Yukon hunt next year or the year after I was station in Galena for two years back in 89-90. I have a 24ft Woldrige 460 inbord. Any info would be greatly appriated. Like the dos and donts. what type of spare parts do you think are most important. How much fuel to carry or do you just buy it at the villages. Best time to go.
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              Interesting read on another site you may be interested in.


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