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    I have a Uniden Solara DSC VHF radio and a Garmin GPSMAP 188C sounder.

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    Okay that was not supposed to happen... Anyway -

    I have the above radio and GPSMAP chartplotting receiver.

    I have read through the manuals and have an idea of how they work individually but have not grasp the whole working together thing....

    I registered and recieved my MMSI# but got to looking and realized the two units are not connected together.

    The manual shows a wire diagram for the radio and one for the GPS plotter but they are not exactly the same... Does anyone have knowledge of how to wire these together and how they work together?

    Or does anyone have a recommendation that won't cost me $95/hr shop time... I can wire it up if I just understood it better...


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      It sounds as though we have the same or a similar setup. I do have the Uniden Solara but my GPS Chartplotter is a Color Garmin. I'm away from home so I can't walk through the wiring with you right now but I can tell you that it was VERY easy. As a matter of fact I think there was only 1 wire to have your radio MMSI complete. I hope this helps, if not I'll be home next week.

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        that helps

        That helps...

        Each manual shows a wire diagram... I was only able to identify one wire which appeared to be the same on both units... That must be it...

        So if I connect it - is there a way to test the system with out having the coast guard show up in my driveway..

        If I had someone's MMSI number could I test it out by calling them?



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          Not sure about testing. Obviously if you have a friend with MMSI you could test it. Remember the radio is line of sight so unless you are on the water when you test it shouldn't be a problem. If you can wait til next spring I'll be up there with my boat and I can hel you with your test ;-)
          One push of the little red guarded switch should test the system with someone else in range. Best of luck!
          Live to fish, fish to live...


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            Don't do it

            The little red button is for distress only, and the Coast Gaurd may respond. Wait for a friend that has MMSI. You can enter his number on into your radio and GPS. Then, using your radio instructions, you can "ping" him. When his radio replies, it will put a sailboat symbol on your gps screen showing you right where he is. It's a cool tool.
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              ask the C.G.

              If I wanted to test an MMSI I would call up the C. G. and tell them what I want to do and is it ok.

              I could help on the wiring, I live in Anchorage.



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