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anyone been on the Big Sue yet?

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  • anyone been on the Big Sue yet?

    We put up a camp for Moose on the Delta Islands before the rains and wondering if it is still there. Anyone been out of the Deshka Landing yet. Still not looking to go till the water is safe and lower. Any update would be appreciated. What a crappy summer this was
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    Not too bad.

    The Su has cleaned up pretty well. I would say right at or below flood stage. Just a lot of high water now. Most of the trash, docks, weirs, picnic tables, fuel cans and drums (saw one 500 gal fuel tank floating by), loose boats, outhouses and camps have long floated out to the inlet. If you had any of it tied down, good chance it is still there. Otherwise???
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      If anyone goes out, please post conditions. I would like to make a trip to Flathorn or Lake Creek soon. Last time I was there, Kroto Slough was almost unrunnable and the sloughs were near dry.
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        I flew it a couple of hours ago. The Su is down to where there's a brushline between Flathorn and the river. There was none earlier this week. Bell Island is still very wet. The river is still running high but not flooding.

        Expect sandbars to be submerged. The woods near the river look saturated with standing puddles. The current is definitely running faster than normal. The big swamps are more like big lakes.

        I never saw a critter, but that wasn't the purpose of the flight.


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          got back this afternoon. everything covered in river silt but we did not lose anything. water is high and everything is soaked. River seems to be fairly clean.
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