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Storing Anchor Line

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  • Storing Anchor Line

    Looking for advice on how to store my Anchor line, the boat I just bought came with 600ft of nylon anchor rope that was just piled up on the front deck. Boat is a 22' Searunner.

    What methods are other's using to store/wind up their line?

    Thanks for the help.


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    I bought a round plastic bin at Wal Mart. It is the kind they sell for laundry or kids toy storage. It is about 2 feet across and 2 feet tall.


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      Also seen lots of milk crates used to store line, or 'rode' in the this case.

      That is a lot of line to carry around, unless you regularly need to anchor that deep to fish halibut or some other groundfish. For overnighting, I rarely anchor in anything deeper than 20-50ft, so even at max 7/1 scope at 50', that's only 350' of line.

      For setting on a lunch anchor, or just staying in one spot fishing, I only pay out enough rode to keep from dragging anchor right then, as I'm not worried about what might happen when I'm asleep or away from the boat.


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        Storing rope

        I had all my ground line for my shrimp pots dumped on my deck after the last trip. I went to Lowes and bought a hose reel and put about 800' on that before I ran out of room. I haven't fed it off of the reel yet but it should work ok I think. It cost around $25.00 and the one I bought doubled as a pretty cool little seat. They should be going on clearance sale now that there is snow on the mountains and also because I just bought one at full price.
        Good luck,


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          Clean it dry it and hang it

          I'd just do the basics....

          clean it , dry it and coil it up and hang it in the garage.


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            I leave it in a laundry basket
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              Storing Line

              Big mistake to try to coil 600' of line imo. I used to long line off a 26 footer and flaked over a mile of line into a garbage can without a tangle ever being a problem. Try to coil it and it becomes a mess. The garden hose reel would work too, especially if you have stiff line. Three strand nylon or braid-on-braid nylon anchor rode ought to go in a bucket easily and not take up too much room. The old plastic milk crates work great as they drain and let the line dry out.


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                Storing Rope

                I purchases 2 small Black totes and they work great. One line is 5/16" and has pleanty of room. The other is 3/8" and it fills it pretty much. Both set in the bow great and also give a seat to use if wanted. I did drill some holes in the bottom to let it drain well.
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                  I bought a rubbermaid tote, its the one that is a little bigger than the most usual ones. 40 gallon?. It all fits in there 600' rope, chain, anchor and feeds out well. Just bungee the lid on. This has worked great.


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