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    How do you get rid of your out-dated flares? There doesn't seem to be an easy (legal) way to dump them.

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    fire them off! It is good practice anyway to be familiar with how they work. I don't think I would blow one sky high, but maybe down a riverbed, out into the ocean or something (Jim creek is good for this!)

    Or, give them to the local PD and let them worry about it.

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      I did that at 20 mile about 15 years ago, it was the rainiest day I remember and it the bushes were smoldering and smoking, but didnt catch fire. Good thing...


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        It's legal to have expired flares onboard, as long as they're stashed away and you have current flares onboard too. Never hurts to have spares on the boat. They might come in handy for starting a fire, or if you run out of flares signalling help.

        If you simply have too many, perhaps you can contact AMSEA or your local Coast Guard Auxillary and see if they could use them for training.


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          The Auxiliary isn't supposed to take them; they don't have a way to legally dispose of them short of a flare demonstration and then they have to get permission from the Coast Guard. I'd be surprised if AMSEA would take them either. If you do fire them off, you are (in effect) signalling for help. If someone sees your flare and calls the CG, you could be charged with a false distress call and be responsible for costs/fines; so that's not the greatest idea either. I've got lots of outdated flares and even spares aboard the boat, but after 20 years, it's becoming quite a collection since I've got more than one boat and am required to carry flares on each one...other ideas??


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            If they are the 12 gauge kind, buy an extra flare gun and take it on hiking and hunting trips where a radio may not work. A flare gun with some flares weighs less than a VHF radio and at least a passing aircraft may see it. Great fire starter too!

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              When I was stationed at AirSta Sitka (and Kodiak) we'd pop off smokes and flares while practicing donning our survival suits in the water. I do believe even we had to contact Juneau, but it's probably not that big a deal.

              In fact several times over the years I've heard somebody, I believe AMSEA, announcing on channel 16 that they we're getting ready to launch flares and made the advisory to all mariners.

              Not doubting you, just recalling my experiences.


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                Seen it several times

                Down here in seward/AVTEC-ville just about once a year I hear on the radio or see them down on the beach front blowing off flares fopr thier course, now IDK if they are interested in poppin off your old ones or not, but I can't see why they wouldn't. More training the more your class will learn. I'd call AVTEC and ask for thier AMSEA instructor. See what he has to say about it.


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                  Just set them off with the rest of your fireworks New-Years eve..


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                    Just keep them! As long as you have your three that are within compliance the USCG doesnt care how many expired ones you have onboard. If you ever are in distres I guarantee your gonna want to use more than one three. Ive fired those things of that were 12 years old before.


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