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Windlass Problems

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  • Windlass Problems

    I have a new 25ft Kingfisher and the windlass keeps balling up when I try and bring the anchor in. I tried hanging the line for an hour to get the kinks out but still no success? Any suggestions?

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    Hunterdad: I ran into this problem with my boat; I ended up getting a different anchor line made by New England Rope and it's worked fine for almost nine years; never had the problem again. Good luck!


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      Is the locker large enough that the line is able to freefall? Maybe too much line for the locker or not a large enough locker? I'd like to have a windlass, but as it is I have stomp on the line to get all 600 feet to fit in to the locker.


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        Make sure its not stacking up too high in the rope locker. That will cause problems. I have the wife knocking it down while I spool it in if I have more than 100' out. I tend to have an occasional problem lowering the anchor, gettting a loop in the windalass can be no fun.
        I'm game for the New England Rope though. Where might I find it?
        Kingfisher 2525. 225, 20, and 2hp Hondas.


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          You can go to their website and do a dealer search, but most marine stores might carry it or know where to get it....I can't remember where I got mine (curse of old age), Seattle, maybe?


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            west marine sells some also. I cant remember if all their rope is New England rope, but they sell prepackaged kinds also. At least i thought they did...


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