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Engine Compartment Sound Control

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  • Engine Compartment Sound Control

    Phantom SportJon w/ 175 SportJet.

    Looking to install some sound deadening material to the inside of the compartment. Does anyone have any tips/ideas or can point me in the right direction?


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    West Marine sells engine compartment insulation. Some of the yacht builders are using Thinsulate, but I don't know the suppliers. We had a friend that insulated his engine compartment very thoroughly, so much that when the engine compartment was closed the engine starved for air...took him several times to figure that one out since the motor would run for awhile before it quit. He would open the hatch, couldn't find anything wrong, start the motor, close the hatch and it would run fine for awhile longer and quit again. Very entertaining to those of us whose boats ran fine and very frustrating for him!


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      There is some stuff that Alaska Rubber sells that is 1 and 1/4 inches thick and made specifically for sound deadening. It has a temperature range to 200 degrees. The cost is approximately $250.00 for a piece 52 inches by 48 inches, this is plenty to cover the engine cover. The product is foil faced and has a sound deadening layer sandwiched between the foam layers. The material is also resistant to water ,petroleum,alkalis and meets mvss-302 flame codes. In Fairbanks you can buy it at Alaska rubber 451-0200 or call Barrier Corp. in Tigard, Oregon (503)639-4192. The product# is 031111 and is referred to as barrier noise and thermal controls material. I have not yet installed it in my XS but another XS owner posted this information on another site and he said it did a good job of cutting some of the Sportjet noise.


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        Thanks, Crumm. I'm in Fairbanks so I'll go over and take a look. I was hoping not to send that much $$ on this little project, but if it does the job then I may as well do it right.


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