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  • Aurora(Boulton) question

    I have a 27 foot Aurora Explorer, and there are three plugs in the back of the boat. One for bilge, one for the fish hold, and one for the sea transom. I was wondering if anybody knew if the transom is supposed to be filling with water even with the plug in. there is an access plate on the top of it to get to where the motor mounts, but even with the plug in it will fill with water. So I've been trying to figure out if its best to plug it, or to leave it unplugged so when on step, it drains out.

    My real question is, if anybody has the same boat, does it fill with water? I talked to Boulton and they said it should not be filling with water. Im going to shoot compressed air through the drain hole and see where it's leaking, I'm assuming its around that access plate. Thanks for any replies.

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    Same problem

    with my North River Seahawk. I sealed it with marine sealant. Seemed to fix the problem.


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      Same problem

      I have a friend with a 22' Aurora Eagle. His boat was doing the same thing and he ended up sealing a seam or two along the top edge somewhere with silicone sealant. He finally has it watertight now. Doesn't make sense that the factory wouldn't make sure it is tight....there is a lot of bouyancy lost when that cavity is full of water!

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        Thanks for the replies, I've got that thing stuck high and dry before, could move the bow with ease even with the forward gas tank, but the back i couldnt budge. when we got it free I later realized that thing was full of water! I bet that has some weight to it. I might get some 5200 sealant at west marine.


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          Boulton Boat "dive door"

          I am considering a purchase of a Boulton Expedition 24' boat and they have what I think they call a "dive door" on the side of the boat. It is basically a door on the side slightly above the water line and I thought it might be cool to have one for landing the big 'butt or bringing the shrimp pot on-board in addition to having an easy access to the boat while on the trailer. Anybody have any experience or opinion on this? Also, Mike Boulton says that the boat can be equipped with twin 200 outboards. I wonder if this is over-kill and worth the $10,000 difference in the price from twin 115's. (150's would be $6000 more)

          Any opinion is appreciated.

          Anyone with a NR Seahawk O/S, I am considering it also and would appreciate any info that would sway me to your camps...

          Anyone wanna buy a 2005 Hewes 26' with 100 hrs? Great Deal...


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            Wow, for a 24 footer 400 horsepower is quite a bit. With my boat I top out at 39-41mph with twin 130's. The max HP rating for it is 400 also, It would easily be a 50mph boat with that...Why are you selling the Hewes? They make a great boat.


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              I am selling the boat because I am looking to spend more over-night and weekend trips next year. I would like to get one with the cuddy for sleeping and I am also interested in spending more money to get what I think I want after my experiences on the water in Alaska. The Hewes is a great boat and no doubt the best one I have had yet. I even like it better than the 24' Osprey that I sold before the Hewes. I am also considering the new Hewes they are coming out with next year. The Boulton options do intrigue me though. Especially the "dive door".

              I am selling my motorhome and I think I can use the boat for both if access was easier to and from the boat on land. Any comments?


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                Have you looked at Aerohead Boats? We have one on order and am scheduled to receive a 30' in December for use for next year. I had a 24' Osprey Long Cabin (yes, an LC and one of a few in the 24 OAL). We too like the overnight comforts of a V-berth. I wanted an aluminum boat and did take a good look at the Hewes and Raider. I think a self-bailing deck is mandatory for use in the Gulf. I looked at the Hewes then priced out the mods to make their deck self-bailing. I worked out where I was money ahead in getting the boat right at the start. We opted for Aerohead because of the quality in design and manufacturing. Check out their website at



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                  Saw those in the Seattle Boat show this year, I couldn't beleive they weren't a fiberglass boat. So plush, very nice boat. I've been trying to figure out what brand they were since then, thanks for the link. Beautiful boats.


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                    I have seen the Aerohead website and it does not meet my qualifications. I am looking for something under $100,000 and I intend to trailer it so I am going to be in the 24 to 27 foot range to stay in the 8'6" beam range. Very nice boats though. So far my short list (which is changing) is a North River Seahawk Off Shore, New Hewescraft Pilot house model, Glaciercraft 25' cuddy or a Boulton Expedition 24' model. I would even consider a fiberglass boat if they were as tough, efficient and held their value. I heard that C Dory is too bumpy in even moderate seas so it is out. I have a guy who committed to buy the boat coming tomorrow so I need to make my mind up fast.

                    For some reason, even though I haven't been able to use the boat too much this season, I feel naked without my boat at home so I feel compelled to at least have one coming even if it is this spring.

                    Thanks all for your input.


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                      I wish I had your problem...LOL

                      I'm a aluminum fan for Ak but if I were to go fiberglass I would probably go with Sea Sport. Probably the nicest ride on the water IMO. Go outboards though.

                      I have a NR Seahawk and love it but also like the Boulton as well. What I like more than anything is the feel. They feel solid in the chop. No side hull noise. Thicker aluminum all around. I'll run this one for another year and jump up to the HT.

                      You have the luxury of having to make the toughest decision you'll ever love...good luck!

                      Lastly - A buddy of mine just had a custom boat made at River Wild Custom Boats - with out a doubt the nicest looking alum boat I've ever seen. 28 feet, twin Etec 200's. Sweet set up - I think he had less than $100k into it with electronics, motors, etc....Check out their link


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