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  • homer boat needs

    I'm needing boat I can use to access a cabin up near Halibut cove out of Homer. It does not have to be fancy just safe and reliable transportation.
    Preferably economical as well...

    For those of you that have spent time on the water out that way suggestions would you have?

    17-20 ft?
    aluminum or glass? does it matter? The cabin has a nice sandy/mud beach.

    I've been out of homer a dozen times or so and know the waters can get really rough south of the spit. In my experience the waters north of the harbor get choppy but usually don't see the wash tub effect that the south side does... Is that normally the case?

    If things work out and I decide to spend my fair share of time at the cabin I need to find a boat that can get me there...

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    Boat for Kachamek Bay

    Have you considered a Zodiac or Achilles? Very stable and very dependable, good safe boats.


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      What boat?

      WinMag, I had a boat slipped in Homer for a few years and I think 17' would be a little small. 20' should be fine to just run over to Halibut Cove. And like Leahy said an inflatable would work but might be a little wet some times.


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        Go with the inflatable, you can get a 14 foot with a 30 hp for a good price. The load capacity can't be beat, sips fuel, takes foul weather well, and beaches nicely. The only way to go for economy.


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          thanks guys, you've given me a whole new avenue to research...


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            There is a real nice 18 foot Achilles

            listed in the want ads-(it is not mine, I have no financial interst in it)
            I think I saw it sitting just off of the Palmer Wasilla Highway-nice looking boat.


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              I used an old 18 foot semi-v river boat on the bay this whole summer. I didnt take it out when it was too nasty. I ran all over the bay. Usually no more then 15 miles. Took it across to sadie cove for bear hunting and halibut fishing. worked very well in my oppinion. Very easy to handle and get onto the beach. It had a canvas top so when the chop picked up i stayed dry and warm. I would hate to use a inflatable on most days. I do not enjoy getting wet especially for the summer we have had this year. brr


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                8 miles to Halibut cove. A zodiac would be fine for that trip and back.
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