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    I am debating on buying a 40 hp. E-Tech. How reliable is the electronics? I have heard some say their is some elect. problems of some sorts. Seems like an ideal 2-stroke, a bit heavy but fuel effecient. Was considering a fuel injected 2-stroke as well. Any opinions-we all have them but based on your experience please. The river I live on is extremely shallow at times and common sense tells me to get a jet but that too is not needed all the time. I currently am running a Johnson 30hp 2-stroke and the skeg is tremedously stout. Light weight and durable. Using it on a 24/48 tunnel flat bottom alweld, built my own lifter. Getting ready for a new season-pretty exciting.

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    I have a friend running a 2005 E-tec 90 jet. The only problem he had was the low oil alarm kept going off when he ran it in really cold water (glacial rivers). He took it back to AMDS and they made an adjustment which was a pre-set break in setting and no more problems. It's a nice motor, plenty powerful and pretty quiet for a 2-stroke.

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      Your friend that had low oil alarms going off, what other cold weather problems did he have?

      I have an E-Tech 200 HP. It will not run in cold weather. If I put it in the shop and warm it up, the motor runs great. Until it cools back off, then it dies and wont restart. Im hoping it is just a programming problem. The motor only has 45 hours on it.


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        no cold weather problems here!

        I have a 150 e-tech I run in PWS usually and had it out last march for the homer king derby and never had a cold weather runability problem.


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          I have a 115

          I run a jet on it so far. It was new last fall. I have ran it when the temp was about + 28. It started fine, ran a little rough for about a min until warmed up then no problems all day. I love the throttle response compared to my last motor. My last one was a Honda 4 stroke. The E-tec controls are a lot smoother than the Honda as well.
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            E-tec cold water problem

            I have the 50 hp E-tec, it has performed fine for a year and a half, but in very cold weather 15 degrees, I had the oil alarm go off also.


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              What did you do about the oil alarm going off? Did you fix any problem or just reset and go?


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                Have a 2005 Etec 65 Jet, put three full seasons on it here in the valley with NO problems.


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                  I did a lot of research about the ETEC before I bought mine and the cold water oil alarm came up a bit... Turns out there is some computer code upgrades that they can input at the dealer to fix the problem.


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