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  • Running to the Yentna

    I recently bought a jet boat and I am thinking about running from the Deshka Landing to the Yentna this weekend. I have had the boat out on the lakes a couple of times to try and get used to how it handles, runs, etc, but I haven't driven it in a river yet. I have been to the Deshka River before (on a friend's boat), but never below the Deshka.

    Does anybody have any advice about making this trip? Our goal is to make it to our property 5 or 6 miles up the Yentna and my in-laws are in town, so I want to make this as uneventful as possible.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I ran from the Deshka landing all the way up to Lake Creek 4 times last week and didn't run into any problems. The water level seemed to be O.K., but it was noticeably shallower on the last day (Thursday) We didn't hit bottom once, and we were hauling 1500lbs of lumber each time.


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      Yentna trip

      Hey Corn...
      I've made the trip from Deshka Landing & up the Yentna way to many times...kinda glad I sold the big boat as $3 gas would make for a ugly Chevron bill...I burned 115 gal on a round trip.

      My advice to you is to launch the boat at the landing, and be ready to go. Just ask the following launchers if they are headed up the Yentna, and if so, would they mind if you followed them to it. Explain that you will not hold them up as nobody likes to wait.

      The Su below the Deshka has a few diff'll pretty much stay to the left until you get 2-3 miles from the Yentna...if the water is high you can cut to the right through the "shortcut", cross the mouth of Kroto Slough, back to the right, and pop out on the Yentna. WARNING: if the water is low, or you are heavy, do not attempt this gets silted in and there is nothing worst than getting stuck in quicksand. If the water is low, you will continue down the Su PAST the mouth of the Yentna before doing a 180 and heading up the left bank of the Yentna. Once you've hit the Yentna, you're safe until Skwentna as it's real obvious where the channel is.

      Best of luck. Take a handyman jack, a continous rope come-along, and a shovel. After your 1st trip, you'll be a river rat.


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        I appreciate the info. We made the trip on Saturday, but didn't make it all the way to the Yentna. I found a little shallow water in one channel of the Su, which required a little pushing to get back to the deep stuff. (ugh, part of the learning curve, I guess.) After that little mishap, we kept headed down river and were within a couple of miles of the Yentna (by GPS) when all of a sudden there were 4-5 channels to choose from, none of which looked very deep. At that point I decided to turn around and head back to the Deshka to do a little fishing instead of taking any chances.

        I really like the idea of following somebody else down to the Yentna. If anybody is interested in letting me tag along behind them this weekend, I would really appreciate it and I would at least pay for your gas to do so.



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          Yetna Travel

          Years ago I cut my teeth on the Little Su, from Houston down to Nancy Lake Creek, a friend of mine said if you can run the Little Su you can run any river. Well I got on the Big Su and the size was a little scarry at first comparred to what I've been used to. I stayed at the landing and would ask people where they was going, and sure enough they would say sure you can tag along. Thats how I got to know the rivers. It doesn't hurt to ask as there is alot of nice people running the rivers and are willing to help you out. Just remember to lay back and not get too close as you'll be running in much shalow water than they are. Try to match boats when asking as usually the inboards will outrun the outboards, it's not fun trying to play catchup and wondering which channel they took. I'm sure nobody would want any money from you as they had to learn from someone also. good luck and I'll see you on the water...


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            I ran to Kroto on Sunday. It is getting very shallow in spots. I would avoid it right now unless you are prepared to push a little.
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              Talk to the freighters at the Deshka Landing. They live there and run the rivers daily, therefore the info is real time. They know the scoop and will point you in the right direction. They are Ron and Larry.
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                I find some valueable information at this site,1,1,1&ahps=1
                If you run the rivers you will get an idea for what are acceptable water levels to operate in. I compare the days that I have run to the charts at this site before I decide to go on the next trip in case the water levels have really dropped.


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