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    I'm running a 2001 North River Commander, I bought the boat a couple years first inboard. Love the boat and the capabilities, but a few things seem like they could be improved. Wondering if these have been done before.

    1) I have a sand trap, but it's a big PITA to clear. Requires opening the cowling, reaching in around a hot running engine, etc. Mine also just dumps into the bilge. I've heard that some people have theirs drain through a hose out the back of the transom. I'm also wondering if anyone has the sand trap outside the engine cowling. When I'm loading up with gear and fuel, just getting to the spot to open the valve is tough. When my fast back canvas is on, that has to also be removed to open the cowling. Steps I'd like to eliminate in order to clear the sand trap quickly if needed.

    2) same kind of issues getting to my stop grate. I know these can be operated now from the cabin, any feedback from guys that have made that switch? Worth the cost and effort?

    Thank for the feedback guys

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    Oakman. Look into an electronic 3/4” ball valve that can be operated from a 12 volt switch from the dash or leave it cracked a little bit so its always clearing. This also depends on the temp your engine runs. Mine drains through a hose connected to a thru hole fitting on the transom. Check out PPI. I think they make an air actuated stomp grate.


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      Great info, I knew there was a better way!


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