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  • Suspension base

    Anyone ever heard/seen/bought these? I've been looking for a suspension seat for our 20' inboard jet. Seems like there aren't many options.

    Pedestals – Watershed Outdoors

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    Haven't seen that one. I have a Shockwave and a Bostrom in my 24' LCM. The Shockwave is far superior. The Bay Company in Ketchikan is a stocking dealer. The Bostrom is a torsion bar setup and belongs in an old farm tractor.


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        I haven't seen the Watershed Outdoors before, but their products look great for the listed prices (swivels look pricey). Hard to beat simple and up to 14 inches of travel is a lot!

        Or you could go the old tractor seat base route to try and save a couple bucks. I'm assembling a base using a tractor seat suspension from Amazon that runs $250 with Prime. They only handle probably 275 lbs including the seat, and I'm a shade heavier not including the seat. I'd recently ordered and just last night swapped out the existing shock with a 210 mm long bicycle rear air shock for $110 with Prime. I also grabbed a cheap 8.3-inch long motorcycle spring/shock that should fit the second seat base, but I haven't tried it out. I'll also add a hose extender (small brass one currently installed). Once I do, I was planning to throw up a build post at some point.

        Anyways, the air shock and original tension springs work together and are additive (combine the springs for additional stiffness). I tested the air shock out at 150 psi and no spring tension worked better than the original springs fully tensioned. Tensioning the springs up to about 50% was too stiff and only 1-2 inches of movement if I jumped on the base (~300 lbs dropping a few inches). The nice thing is you can set the air pressure and use the main spring for fine adjustment. The disadvantage is it's a tractor base that will probably rust, but at $360 or so it's not crazy expensive and didn't take much effort. It probably has more adjustment than the Watershed type depending on their spring/shocks, but limited travel probably about 4 inches maxed out.
        New shock installed:
        Click image for larger version

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        The old shock:
        Click image for larger version

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