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  • Seasport owners please chime in

    Looking at an 03 2400xl inboard with 5.7 . When the boat is at rest it looks bow heavy. There was 3 men in the cabin , just wondering if anyone that has a seaport might have some thoughts on this. One salesman said it was because the fuel tanks were full, but that didn't seem to make sense to me. Thanks

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    I don't own one but I think leaking deck seals and saturated foam is a known issue with these. I believe Daveinthebush has one (?). A boat should not sit out of trim because the fuel tanks are full and there are a few people onboard.
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      Probably wasn't in the water so you could look at the water line. At rest, it is usually right on level even fueled up. The bow compartments are all easily accessible to inspect. There are no hidden compartments forward of the wall at the captains station. You just have to pull the cushions up. My concern would be is it was stern heavy. I have seen some photos where SP put bags of cement in the stern to balance the boat.

      Now there is one area that you might want to check. If it has a sink it has a tank under the floor. It is a bit of a long board to pull up. I pulled mine and found 20 gallons of water as one of the fittings cracked. If it has a toilet, that tank is there too. I'd pull the floor for sure. IF the water tank is full, you might have ??? gallons of water up there in the tank.

      Three people and you looking at it from the outside, might appear nose heavy. I am sure there is a balance point but I don't know where that is. An XL has a longer deck, less cabin but the missing cabin is in the center.

      One 22' that I had, had insulation under the floor in the main cabin and no floor board to pull up. It was not balanced so I cut the floor out and found the insulation all soaked with water. I had to remove all of it. "Probably not your issue."

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        Thank you for replies, The boat was in the water and I was in the boat. Someone on the shore made the observation about bow ridding low at rest .Will be going back to see the boat after Thanksgiving. Thanks for the input Will have more things to check now so will sea what I find.


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