Is anybody using a CMC Manuel jack plate on there boat ?



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  • Is anybody using a CMC Manuel jack plate on there boat ?

    We want to put it on a 18 ft wooly lite with a 50 hp Yamaha electric tiller jet so we can use prop in the high water spring and then put the jet lower back on for low water fall time 5.5 set back and 5 inch vertical up and down. Anybody have something like this on their boat

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    Does that Wooly have a tunnel? How much is the setback of the CMC going to affect where the front of the jet foot is, relative to the back of the transom and/or tunnel? If you're not running super shallow water, it might not matter that much. I used to have a Klamath that had a transom extension plate bolted on to raise the mount location when using the jet and I'd just remount the outboard after adding or removing the plate and switching out the lower units. That 50 isn't too heavy to mount and unmount...I used a come a long from a garage rafter to lift mine off the transom when switching over. Of course, not needing to mount and unmount the engine is much simpler...
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