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Jet cable and Bucket Adjustment Request

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  • Jet cable and Bucket Adjustment Request

    Hello all, I had to replace my reverse bucket cable because of a battery grounding/welding issue caused by the previous owner not having the battery in a hold down or tray. So I managed to get it more or less usable using the sheet from Outboard Jets but there's a hard spot in shifting forward our of neutral that I am having trouble fixing. I would appreciate it if someone could come over ( or I could come to you) and we can adjust this cable a bit better. (Anchorage) I have plenty tools, and can supply beer, pizza or slip someone a couple twenty's for the effort. Could trade out a couple boxes of ammo...
    Any takers?? Thanks in advance

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    Good offer, however I am in fairbanks, the adjustable is a eccentric and you can similar results either way you rotate it. However one is better than the other. Also when adjusted properly the bucket (hen in forward) will be pushed against the rubber snubber, which I believe is also adjustable. This keeps the bucket from rattling around and prematurely wearing out the pivot holes in the bucket. Also bushings there that need to be replaced periodically. Hope this helps
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      Akgramps, thanks. Come on down tomorrow and we'll get it done..HA HA. Thanks for the reminder on the bushings, I think I'll go ahead and replace those though I don't know how much slop they allow. They do have some play but don't seem terrible. I did have to replace the main shaft and bearing set so I would guess those nylon bushings need it too. This Yamaha barely has 230 hours and I put on the last several dipnetting last week but the steering and tilt bushings seem awfully loose to me. I am either suspicious about the real hours on there, or wondering if they didn't drive some horrible roads getting to the rivers and lakes before I bought this boat. I ordered an entire new helm and cable yesterday to firm up the steering. I just can't justify the hydraulic cost on this boat this year. Another fellow on here suggested it and it sounds great but we've had a very expensive 2020 so far.
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        Grounding a battery to the hull can cause several wires to burn up if you don’t know ware to look you may have missed one ot two.

        If you have not already done it check the grounds on the engine lower section, at the panel going to the hull and the ground between the negitive ground. The engine hardness has a ground wire going from the engine to the controls it also need both end check for problems.


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          Thanks MacGyver...Yeah it burnt the lowest cable just above the jet foot and I replaced that one. Haven't found anymore so far and the motor seems to be fine. We ran it last week on the Kenai dipnetting and didn't have any issues related to that.


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