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  • Freshwater Boat Launch

    I am going to be getting a new to me trailer for my 28' trophy. I need to setup and transfer the boat to the new trailer and then launch a couple of times to practice getting in and out. What lake boat launches around Anchorage and the Valley will accommodate my boat? I don't want to go to Whittier or Seward and have to drive 2 cars with trailers back and forth and deal with the extra cost and congestion.

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    I think your best bet is going to be the launch at Ship Creek in Anchorage, I know, not fresh water but close and not busy(that i have ever seen)


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      I had this same situation a few years ago and used the ship creek launch. HOWEVER, make sure you do at close to high water, that sucker sure gets to be a boot sucking mess at low water.....
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        Finger Lake has a State boat launch . concrete ramp .


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          I'd suggest Big Lake North Launch. It's busy on weekends, but I'd rate that launch just a bit better than Finger Lake; it's also a concrete ramp with a long dock with HDPE fenders, etc. Routinely put my nominal 23' boat (that's really about 27 from bow to end of swim step) in / out at the Big Lake Launch. Finger lake parking lot is a bit better for parking the trailer, but I prefer the dock and launch setup at Big Lake.


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            Thank all of you for your comments. I got it changed at ship creek. While looking at the launch, donít use the left lane. There is a big hole that will eat your trailer. <br/><br/>


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              That is a sharp looking Bayliner Trophy 2860!<br/><br/>Sobie2 <br/><br/><br/>Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


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