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Little Nelchina by jetboat?

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  • Little Nelchina by jetboat?

    So, my better half and I were talking about a caribou hunt up in Eureka (she drew a tag for the Nelchina heard). The question came up if it was possible to run a jetboat upstream from the Glenn hwy to get into the back country. Now I have been back in that area years ago (many times) on the backside of monument, crossing the little Nelchina on dirtbikes. So I know that the water up there is deep enough to run a jet through (I have an SJX..
    not a huge thunderjet or the type). But what about the stretch between the highway and..well...upstream? I don't even know if there is a launch area where the glenn crosses the little Nelchina. It's been quite a few years since I've been up that way. And when I used to go up that way it was on dirtbikes, not jetboats. So I never payed much attention to the possible boating side of the area.

    And before you tell me about the many mine roads/trails that are passible by truck, wheeler, or side by side... yes, i know of them well. This question is about a jetboat on the Little Nelchina.

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    I've been hoping someone would comment on this. I think the problem might be sweepers and the very narrow creek. But i would love to have someone go up that and cut out all the sweepers. Then I might try it.
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      There looks to be a "launch" at the Little Nelchina Campground, google the campground and you can find some imagery of it. Just depends if the water is deep enough to get your boat off/on the trailer I suppose. Personally I doubt I'd try to run it at that time, I think my biggest concern would be getting up river and then having water level drop (average rainfall for the area plus cooling mountain temps at the headwaters). Looking on google maps it would seem there are some rock gardens and choke points that might become un-passable if the water level dropped too much. If you're not set on that area, there are other rivers I would look to for that tag...


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