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What boat would you be looking at if you only had 15k?

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  • What boat would you be looking at if you only had 15k?

    I just sold my welded aluminum skiff and was hoping to upgrade my boat. I have a 2 and a 4 year old and have found that my boating has slowly tanked over the last few years and hoping to remedy that. I am hoping to find something that is a boat for fishing, but still has a little comfort for the little ones to be able to get out of the weather. With my price range, I think anything aluminum won't have what I'm wanting so I think it's fiberglass for me.

    15,000 seems to be a tough spot to be in boat wise, as it's right in between the lower priced boats and higher prices boats in a sort of flat spot it seems.

    I was hoping to ask you experts out there, what boat type would you be looking at if you had 15k, and wanted to be able to take out your family of 4 while keeping the boat trailerable and not putting in a slip? I am located in Juneau if that matters.

    Thank you for your time.

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    I'm definitely no expert in ocean boats, but it seems to me that if I had 15k the boat types I'd be looking at are ones within my budget.... I did a quick search on craigslist (depending on how things are down there a facebook group might be the better spot to find boats for sale....) and it looks like fairly slim pickings within that range. However, it looks like there is a 16' C-Dory for sale on Douglas Island that if I were you I'd be going to take a look at. I have a bad habit of browsing toys I'm not in the market to buy, and from what I've seen your in the right direction. At that range I'd be looking at fiberglass boats too. You'll likely find more I/O powered fiberglass boats than outboard powered fiberglass in that range. My preference is outboard powered as it seems I've read about hard to diagnose issues in the space between engine and outdrive. Obviously people still run I/O and I would consider one if my upper limit was 15k, but I'd just make sure to do due diligence on condition of the I/O (as well as rest of boat). Take it all with a grain of salt though, because I am most assuredly not an expert on ocean boats.


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      whatever you do stay away from outdrives !! they are ALL JUNK.
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        If I had 15K to spend on a boat, I'd start out looking at 10K boats and bank the difference. It should be a buyers market.
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          One that floats, the things that make it go are what cost money. The rest is nothing but bells and whistles. Make sure what you buy has good motors, or make sure you already have 'em.
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            So far ive looked at a few Glasply, bayliners, and havent been impressed. I had seen a few Olympics and they seem to be the one that seems to be the best fit but nothing locally available so far. Is there any other brands i should be looking at in this price range?


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              I live in Juneau and have a family of 5, and I have a boating addiction problem. Fiberglass will definitely be your best bang for the buck. Not sure about your cashflow situation but you could spend your $15k and get a loan for the rest if you do find that boat that suits you. With all the mayhem at all of the launch ramps lately slipping the boat can work for 3 months it isn't that expensive when compared to the angst of the launch ramp. Outboards are preferable. But a non-crusty I/O will get you into a boat $10-$15k. There are always people looking to unload their boats so a WTB posting on Craigslist or Facebook will yield some results if you don't see what you are looking for on either platform currently for sale. As a long time buyer/seller myself if you see a boat and actually make an offer of what you have the seller will definitely consider a real true cash offer. If you can find a fiberglass hull and trailer that suits your needs for next to nothing, Broker Rudder can probably get you into an outboard bracket and new 115 or 150 four stroke for $15k. Did you look at the Olympic on Garnet Street first house on the left? I am not sure of their asking price but I think that could be had for $15k. You can PM me your phone number and I can text you any Juneau boats I stumble across.



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                Craigslist around September you can buy a boat cheap with winter coming on this year I think there is going to be some buys. Dont be afraid to buy one in Oregon and Washington and bring it up, amazed at some of the prices down there.


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