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Where can I find new Sleeper style bench seats to replace my old storage benches?

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  • Where can I find new Sleeper style bench seats to replace my old storage benches?

    So I have been beating my head against the internet for a little while to no avail. Can anyone here point me in the direction of a supplier for the bench seats that convert to a bed? I am in the middle of a project to remove the foam in my boat and replace the flooring. Id' really like to upgrade my bench seats to the sleeper style.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Have you consider making one? In my camper I can convert my bench to a bed by adding a board to make the bench wider.


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      I contacted Wooldridge about buying sleeper seats to replace my bench/storage seats for the riverboat. After seeing the price I took a different path. I have a full camper back with a couple large netting /clear solid see thru panels. What I did was make aluminum panels,that sit on L extrusions bolted to the side of the engine dog house, and are bent to sit on the gunnel next to the short railing down the sides. I also have a small L shaped aluminum panel that sits on the dog house where it slopes down at the transom. This gives me a level platform a little over 6' long and 44" wide, sits up in a couple minutes and the panels store behind the storage seats. A couple strapped together 2 1/2" thick camprest pads and I have a pretty good sleeping platform/bed. Without the sleeping pads it is the kitchen area. I still have use of the bench seats. I also put a removable cut down table attached to one of the bench seats and turned backwards , it sits over the bench seat. Two of us sit on one bench seat and have the table to eat on and the platform to cook on, and the platform converts to a bed in a few minutes. Add some battery or 12V LED's and it,s quite cozzy inside the camperback tied to shore.

      I'd post some pics but the boat, as of last week, is covered with at least 2' of snow. It will be free of snow by the time I get back to the cabin the end of this week. I'll take a couple pics and post them.


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        I'd appreciate that yanert, It kinda looks like I'll be building one, Iv'e had no luck finding a supplier. I haven't reached out to any builders or dealers yet.


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          My benches are carpeted plywood built on aluminum frames, then 3 sections of aluminum angle with notched ends can be placed between benches and seat back cushions lay on those to make the bed. Seat backs have plywood under the vinyl for stiffness. Simple works well and easy to customize whatever space you are working with. I'm sure an upholsterer could do the cushions in whatever size you need. Think about how thick and plush you want the cushions to be if you don't want to use sleeping pads or inflatable matress over them.

          Angle pieces are in front of the bench, then laid out.
          Click image for larger version

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            Kantishna here are a couple pics of how I make a bed on the river boat
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              Thanks to both of you. It looks like I'll be building a sleeper after I get done replacing my floor and removing the foam.


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                If you decide not to build your own, Dewey's can get the sleeper benches that Hewes Craft makes. I bought a set from them a few years back. The are not cheap but they are super light and functional. I bought them during the winter and they just tossed them into one of the boats that they were shipping up to save on freight cost. Fit my boat well. Good luck whatever you end up doing.


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