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    Hey all,
    Anyone know of any boat rentals or someone who might be willing to rent a boat that is suitable for Valdez halibut and salmon fishing (either already in Valdez or in Fairbanks and we can tow down)? Not looking for a charter, but a decent, safe boat we can take out for a few days in August when family is up. The boat rental place in Valdez, Fish Central, is booked and the boats are small.
    Thanks kindly for any help!

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    If you are willing to drive to Whittier

    Whittier Boat and Tackle rents bayrunners, Searunners and larger. We rented a 20' foot Searunner softtop back in May for 5 days and had a very successful bear hunt. Owners name is Rob Clark, first rate act all the way, highly recommend.


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      Thanks... but need Valdez

      Hey, thanks for the info. If I am ever headed to Whittier I'll remember your info. But, our plans are for Valdez this summer.


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        A couple years ago we drove to Valdez in search of somewhere new to visit. I had no plans of fishing from a boat but upon reaching the harbor we noticed there were skiffs for rent. The family and I rented one for the day as well as halibut rods. If I remember correctly we got an 18' skiff w/50 horse motor. Seems like it was $125/day, halibut rods were $5/day. We went out probably 15 miles, the water was nice. I don't recall the name of the place but it seems as though they had quite a few for rent. I don't remember if they had anything larger.


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          RE: Boat Rentals

          Hey, thanks for the info and reply. I think you are talking about Fish Central. They are booked for the time we will be there. Thanks though! Good Fishin to ya.


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