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  • Deshka Anchor Question

    Need help trying to figure out the best anchor for the Deshka. I've been putting off going there but now I have resoled to at least fight the crowds and enjoy some fishing. Any help would be great. BTW I have a 21' boat.

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    Anchor I use

    Since the water doesn't move much there you don't need to worry about how good your anchor grabs, weight seems to be the key. I made a couple of simple anchors that work great and stow easily.

    I used a large coffee can (or similar metal can), melted about 2" of lead in the bottom and submerged an exhaust clamp in the lead as it cooled. Ends up the thing weighs about 15-20#'s and works great for the Deshka and lakes. No sharp points to catch on nets and lines either. I just used my Coleman two burner stove to melt the lead (old tire weights). When you put the exhaust clamp in, make sure you have the adjustable part of the clamp fastened in place with jamb nuts so it doesn't try to float in the lead.

    On one anchor I trimmed the metal off when I was done and on the other I just cut it down and mashed it over on top of the anchor. They work great.

    The inspiration for making this anchor came after my dad caught one someone had apparently lost while fishing the Deshka and was able to get it up!

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      We forgot our anchor on a trip to the Deshka one year. We used large ammo can and filled her up with rocks and sand. We closed the lid and tied a rope to it. The makshift anchorage worked better than our store bought anchor.


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