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  • Input on the E-Tec 250 Outboard

    Hi all. Last week, while enroute to my favorite fishing spot out of Homer, my Evinrude Ocean Pro 255hp (2-stroke) totally seized up. Good thing I had my kicker to get me back in. I'm looking at going to the E-Tec 250hp. I've done alot of searching for info, and I like what I see, but would like to also get some opinions/experiences with this motor. How does it compare to the 4-strokes of the same HP?

    All info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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    Evinrude E-Tec Saltwater 250;

    I have a 2005 E-Tec 250 Saltwater engine pushing a 7500# aluminum boat and have 38 hours on the engine. At first the engine was consuming 1/2 gallon of XD 50 oil per hour; (XD 50 was put in by the boat manufacturer). After 20 hours I had A.M.D. refit the motor to the XD 100 oil and am now around 1/2 gallon every 3 hours. I have a 2 gallon oil tank and carry plenty of extra. The oil consumption is suppose to get better but noone can tell me at what hour level the "break-in" period is achieved. I'm running a 14 3/4" inch 17" pitch aluminum propeller and get 39 m.p.h. at a w.o.t. of 5650 r.p.m., but cruise at 5000 r.p.m. and get 34 m.p.h. At cruise I'm burning 15 gallons of gas per hour, and at full throttle about 20 gallons per hour. I've tried a 14"/ 19" spare propeller but the 2 extra knots isn't worth the extra throttle required and resulting gas consumption. Other than that, I've had no problems with the motor and the noise level and performance is comparable to my former 4 stroke pushing another boat. I hope that this helps!


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        Thanks guys for the great info. I'm liking the E-Tec more and more.


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