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Fiberglass Boat repair

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  • Fiberglass Boat repair

    Hi I am working on my 22' olympic. I have the floors and the water logged foam ripped out. I don't think I am going to put any foam back in. I do want to put 2 belly tanks in one for gas and one for fresh water. I also need to fix a crack in the keel. I need some advice on all of this.

    - West System epoxy

    - How to lay out the floor supports with the belly tanks

    - Foam or no foam



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    Man, I hope you've got the time and the place to do this right. You sound like your on the right track. The foam is just an insulator, but I feel it is nessicary. I'm not positive about where putting the foam back, but I'd glass over the foam to assist in this problem not occuring again. Also are your tanks aluminum or fiberglass? I've seen both and they both have specifics that you should try to adhere to. Bare in mind since you pulling the tanks anyway, you might want to redo a couple of things to make eaier for fuel filter changes,, racor issues..things along that nature. Good luck and the last layer is the one that everyone is gonna judge you so make it look pretty. Have fun.


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