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  • Place to buy inflatable

    First off, thanks a ton to the guys on this forum who gave me fantastic advice about buying my 22' Hewescraft Searunner hardtop.

    Now, I'm looking for a local place (in Anchorage) where I can buy an inflatable raft/tender to use as an emergency boat and tender to get me to land and back.

    I've been to Marita, AMD and Dewey's. Am I missing any other stores/dealers here in town?

    Much thanks!

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    Don't know if you were in there lately, but I was in today and they are having a sale on Zodiacs. The Zodiac Zoom 240 (I think) was on sale for $999. I think the 240 is the smallest one they make (like 9'). Also, in the Swap N Sell, ForAK has one with a 15hp motor for sale. He mentioned it under my thread about looking for a Zodiac.

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      Alaska inflatables might have something, but marita sea&ski has may options. I think even (I hate to say this) west marine may carry a few options. Good luck,


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        consider weight

        You might want to consider the weight of the inflatable you purchase. Hauling the rubber boat on and off the roof can be a pain. I swapped out my aluminum floorboards for an inflatable floor which cut the weight by about half. The boat is not as ridgid as with floorboards, but it does fine for rowing to shore or slow speed cruising around. I have had the blowup floor for 4 years and no leaks so far. My $0.02.


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          inflatable floor

          These things are great. The floor is really tough and takes a ton of weight out. I see that Alaska series does have a 7ft 10 in one with the Grizzly Claw armor ( extra bottom protection. It is realy tough and you can run it up on the barnacles etc without fear of damage.) it weighs about 70 lbs, and comes with a 5 year bumper to bumper no fault warranty.
          it costs about $1,810.00 dollars. It will last you 20 years or more. these boats are tough. I have the 12ft boat with the wood floor in it, and It is a great boat, but I would prefer to have the lighter boat so One guy can yard it on and off without tearing something loose in your back, or elsewhere.

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            boat top tenders

            The Alaska Series Tenders are very light weight and designed specificly as a boat top tenders. There is the website with some pictures.

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              If you're going to keep your inflatable on top of your boat all season and exposed to the light, you might want to consider getting an inflatable made of hypalon instead of PVC. It's been a few years since I've done any research, but it used to be that PVC didn't last as long as hypalon when exposed to light, and PVC was much harder to patch. That may have changed in the last few years. Of course hypalon is more expensive. About 5 years ago I bought about a 7.5-ft hypalone, air floor, Achilles from Marieta for around $1,700. Weighs around 70 or so pounds. I'm happy with it, but I do wish that it was lighter.


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                I have Silver Marine AD-300 for sale.

                I got the AD-300 with my new boat in May from Deweys. I'm selling inflatable for $800.00 never used it on water, it was on top of my boat for two trips, and know its folded and stored in my garage.

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                  Light weight is a plus, I have a 12' with aluminum floor and every time I heave it to the roof I regret it. Boat rolls more running beam to with the weight on the roof.


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                    UV life and boat repair on newer PVC boats is no problem.

                    The newer PVC fabrics hold up very well from the UV of the sun. The Alaska Series fabric was developed for building water park sleds and formulated to hold up to 20 years of UV life. Other PVC products like vinyl siding on houses are formulated as a lifetime product. Just keep in mind, not all PVC fabrics have the same UV protection just like not all Hypalon fabrics are the same depending on the percentage of Hypalon that is blended with the Neoprene. I posted some very good fabric information on the rafting forum just the other day.

                    There is a new product on the market called Tear-Aid itís the very best field repair material in the market. It's peal and stick. They make 2 types of kits. "Type A" for Rubber and canvas (Hypalon) and "type B" for PVC (vinyl based fabric)
                    Tear aid is Peal and stick. The tear aid glue holds about 6 years. Field repairs don't get much easier!

                    For in the shop I think PVC is much easier to work with. The best PVC glues are heat activated and don't act like contact glues. So it's much easier to get the glued on pieces smooth and wrinkle free then it is for the older Hypalon rubber contact glues.

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