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  • 24' Almar

    hull is a '80, has a 454 that was installed in 2000 along with a one stage pump (one hundred hours on engine and pump). This boat has a hard top, heater, and trailer. Couldn't find anything this old on the NADA or blue book website.

    Does anybody know about what this boat is worth?



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    Valuing a boat is hard. There are professional individuals who can value your boat. My father in law is a marine surveyor who does just that (But he lives in Juneau). For valueing boats there are other agencies like NADA etc but Almar is such a small producer of boats (like many aluminum mrfs) that no organization is valueing (spelling?) them. So with that said what surveyors do is find out what comprarable boats have sold for, and they take into consideration condition. Your boat could range from with what you have told me from $8,000 (seen lots of rocks and rusty bits or pitted aluminum) for a real clunker to $20,000 if its a really pristine beauty (maybe more). Almar is known to build premium boats. I'd pay the cash to get an accredited marine surveyor to survey your boat. It could be worth more than you think.

    At any rate if your buyer is taking a loan to buy the boat they in turn will be required to have a survey for the loan.



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      Good advice on getting an appraisal. To the best of my knowledge Almar didn't put a single stage pump on any boats back then except for the Almar Lite with a 4 cylinder engine. Those were not 24 footers however but a smaller and lighter built 18 or 19 footer and a big V8 would spin the guts out of those small single stage units. The 10 inch single stage pump is what people are buying today rather than the 3 stage so it probably has been retrofitted to the bigger pump. I know of a 1983 22 foot Almar that was in
      real good shape that sold this summer here in Fairbanks for $6,800 which was a real steal. It was probably worth about 11 to 12 thousand dollars. It also depends a lot on where you are trying to sell the boat as it would have more use in the Interior rather than at Sitka or somewhere similar.


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        I got a 1981 25' wooldridge with 460 3stage with trailer, kicker, and crab davit, last april. it surveyed at $10k. was a stretch. But the boat had 500hrs and it sat for 4 to 6 years. I had to replace the motor and steering system. only paid 7500 for the boat though. im into it for about 11k right now.


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          Rugger re Jetline

          can you post pictures of the barge you are looking at?

          fyi I sold a 1979 20'-6" Jetline 351/3 stg with a 1989 tandem EZ Loader in 1994 for $13,500...had about 700 hrs on the motor, and the pump was fresh with rebuilt impellers.


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            In 2001 I sold a 79 22ft Almar Jetline, 6ft bottom, 351 less than 300 hrs, new carb, dist, exhaust, Ham 3stg, new top and some extras for $15500. The guy who bought it said it he had been looking for over a year and it was the nicest one he'd seen for that price range. The trailer needed a little work.
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              24' Almar

              I wonder what the bottom width of that boat is and if it ever resurfaced on the market. According to Almar, their measurement for 5'-6", 6 foot or 7 foot bottom width is chine-under keel-to-chine.



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                How wide is the bottom on your 24 footer?


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