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  • Detuning for the Kenai

    I've noticed that in both Merc and Yamaha the 50 and 60 hp specs are nearly identical. I know you can detune a 50 hp for the Kenai. Can I have a 60 hp legally detuned so I can run it on the Kenai? I will also use the boat other places, and for waterskiing, so wanted to get the bigger motor if possible, but only if I can do it without worrying about getting stopped and fined. Thanks.


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    I don't remember for sure, but I think I remember some guys detuning the 60hp Mercs a few years back. Check with a dealer and see if they have a throttle cam (usual detune mod) that'll work for your motor. Figure it should be pretty common knowledge with the dealers in the Southcentral area.

    Technically to be legal per DNR regs., the detuning is supposed to be done by a qualified/authorized factory tech/dealer. Never heard of anybody getting in trouble for doing it themselves though....don't know of anybody that does that either.


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