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Outboard shutting down

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  • Outboard shutting down

    I was interested if anybody out there can help me figure out a problem a buddy is having with his outboard. It's a 1992 Evinrude 75 HP short shaft with jet. At 3/4 throttle, it will run for about 7 minutes and then it just shuts down. It would re-start right away and run again, but it would shut down if run for another few minutes. In lower RPM's it ran all day, but 3/4 and higher it shut down. Tried different fuel tanks and it wasn't a water issue in the line. If anybody knows what might be causing this, please let me know. Thanks for any help.

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    My first guess was that the tank vent was not open, but then you stated that you changed tanks. is there any way both tanks are not vented? it sounds like it is sucking fuel until all of the air in the tank is gone (about 7min WOT) sounds about right.

    just my 2 cents

    good luck


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      The vents were open on the tanks, but I think we've figured out what it was. Fuel was put into the tank without any oil and there was only about 5 gallons in it already with about 20 gallons (non-oil) added to it. We're figuring it might've fried running on the big tank and then on the small cans it was already too late. Just a haunch.


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