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C-Dory vs. SeaSport

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  • C-Dory vs. SeaSport

    Good morning,

    I recently started to look into getting an "all purpose boat" (i.e.) for family cruising on weekends, fishing, hunting, etc. I have always been fond of C-Dorys but as I am researching into this topic, I've come across Sea Sport brochures. They seemed to be very well built w/ a similar design as C-Dorys except for the different hull design.

    I do plan on visiting a dealer in the next few weeks but I am no where near a boat dealer presently. So I would greatly appreciate to hear from those of you who are familiar with both of these boats. Would you comment on them...any pros/cons, etc?



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    check here

    You might ask this question on the C-Dory forum. There may also be a Sea Sport forum somewhere. Never been on a Sea Sport, but I like their layout, looks, and quality of construction. Same said for C-Dory. Went on a buddy's C-Dory a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. They're light, easily trailerable, and fuel efficient. His 22-footer got 5 statute mpg which is about twice as good as my 24-footer (that weights lots more). Not sure how C-Dorys are in rough water as far as pounding goes. I'd probably be happy with either but would likely go with Sea Sport if my pocketbook allowed.


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      Having looked very closely at both models before I purchased a Sea Sport my opinion may be biased but here it is anyhow.
      The Sea Sports are better built and can handle rougher water better. The main advantage of a C Dory is they can get by with a smaller motor and are more economical (and slower) to run.
      Both boats are worth the money but a lot depends on what you want to use it for. Camping? Fishing? Do you want to fish further out and be able to go out and back in less than perfect conditions?
      If you went to AMDS and looked at them both side by side I am convinced you will think the Sea Sport is the better built of the two.
      So far I have been unable to locate a Sea Sport forum. I live in Eagle River and will be glad to answer any questions you have and will show you my boat.
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        Thanks for your replies

        Thanks Skydiver...I did post the same question on C-Brats website and have been receiving good feedback.

        Snowwolfe...thanks for the offer. I also live in E.R. but am currently deployed to Iraq. I should be home soon so I just might take you up on the offer and come by to check out your boat.




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          The c-dory is a nice light cabin cruiser so quite fuel efficient, however, it has a flat bottom hull, so will have a pounding ride on all but totally flat water, which is pretty rare to find. It is pretty much a skiff with the cuddy and pilot added. If it had a semi V bottom it would have a much better ride in the chop.

          The C-sport on the other hand is a much heavier boat in the same length as a C-dory, so apples to oranges, inboard vs outboard, double if not more the weight, and burns alot more fuel.

          There are many aluminum boats in the same size range you might want to consider as well.
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            apples and oranges

            Like others have said already, the hulls of these two boats are very different. Which is better, a Ford F-250 or a Ranger? Depends on what your needs are. I went with the Seasport Explorer, and that fills my needs pretty well.
            BTW, the Seasport gas consumption "experts" on the C-Dory site were way off. I run 10 gph at 22 knots.


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