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  • Outboard Question

    I know there are a lot opinions concerning Outboard motors. I recently purchased a Hewescraft River Runner with a 25 Year old Mercury 115 HP on it. It is starting to nickel and dime me to death right now. She has been a good motor and is still kicking but that is life I guess.

    Now to the question if I was to replace this motor with a new motor what would you suggest?

    I plan on going on lakes and in the furture once I have enough courage to go on the rivers. A jet and prop combo would be nice. The RR max'es out at 115 HP according to the plate on the body.

    2 or 4 strokes

    This is what I have heard from others that have owned motors

    Yamaha is pron to carb problems
    Honda Heaviest
    Mercury Pron to water pump problems and choke problems
    Johnson is pron to Piston ring problems
    Suzuki haven't heard anything really on them at all

    I know you will not find the perfect motor but what I am loking for is reliability and service-ability as well as warranty.
    Along with this personal experiences as well.

    Thanks in Advance


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    If you are looking at a Prop/Jet combination I would go with either a Honda/Yamaha/Mercury as they are the easiest to drop the lower units on.


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      i have the same issue

      i currently have the river runner mine is older rivited i was wondering how it performed with a 115

      i have been considering both the honda or the yamaha i currently have a honda 35 on it and i can tell you it is always started and runs great but any time i have fixed anythng it has been about 30% more than other brands for parts. For reliability the honda115 uses a lot of the same parts in the honda accord according to their website and that is one heck of a car motor hondas just dont die but yammaha is king on the kenai . i think the prop jet combo is the only way to go for the style of boat with that motor size


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        I have a 1981 River Runner (Rivited) which makes it very light (No Leaks as well) with a 1980 115 Mercury Prop/Jet unit for it. As for the 115 on it wel let me say for a first time boater as myself it is very scarry when it goes full board
        I have yet to try it with the jet unit on it. I am still getting use to it and the boat.


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          check out the Evenrudes

          I have an evenrude e-tec, 3 year warnty little or no maintnence. been very happy with its performance.


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            Don't forget Suzuki

            I have a 115 Suzuki jet. 7 YEAR WARRANTY!!!!! Check the weights, you may find that it makes sense to you also. My Wooldridge is 7" wider for 2006 due to engine weights, something you may want to watch.

            Let me know when you want to go, I run the Big Su a bit.

            PM me if interested as I have some dealer info.
            I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.
            Bill Hicks


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