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  • Honda vs Yamaha Jet

    Does anyone know the actual performance differences between the Honda 105 jet and the Yamaha 115? Specifically which one has the most power at the jet? The company websites do not compare, and competing dealers have a vested interest in their own product. The F115 is listed at 80HP, the Honda is listed at 105HP, I am wondering if the Honda is actualy 20+ HP stronger.

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    most power heads are rated as such and if a jet pump is installed and the prop unit is replaced you will lose horsepower. The Yamaha is correctly rated 115hp power head with a jet pump gives the 80hp class range. The Honda 105hp is misleading from what I gather. You cannot have 105hp at the head and 105hp at the pump so I would look at the tech specs on the Honda and note the actual horsepower of the 105 hp Honda-personally I would buy the Yamaha.


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      here are the Honda and Yamaha websites for the two motors you are looking at. The Honda site says 105 hp at the propshaft and Yamaha says 80 hp at the pump. Looks to me like apples and oranges. Typically jets run 65-70% of power head hp. So 105 hp X .65(.70) = 68.25(73.5)hp for the Honda. Looks like a little more poop from the Yamaha.

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        The Honda 105 is really a 150 with a jet.


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          If Honda used their 150 powerhead, than it is definately stronger than the 115 yammy powerhead. That said, the 150 honda powerhead is very heavy, so a portion of that extra power is going to be used to push that extra weight, as well as some extra fuel. Not to mention the cost of the Honda.

          I don't know if Suzuki offers a jet on their 140 powerhead, but it is something to considering. The 140 suzuki is all of 10#'s heavier than the yamaha, so more power for the same weight, and pretty much the same price.
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