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    Question for those of you out there with jons w/ outboards. Do you think a transom saver is needed or does any good. I have a 90hp Merc w/ jet on and 18" Alumacraft, so clearnace is not an issue like is witha prop. It just seems as though with it trimmed dowm all the way it puts a lot of stress on the transom.

    Will using a transom saver help keep that weight up higher on the transom and less hanging from the rear and reduce stress on our wonderful "bumpy" highay system?


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    I use one

    on my Alumaweld with a 70 hp prop. I would like to get one for my jon with a 40 hp jet but I have yet to find one made for a jet. I have only ever seen on on a jet and the guy fabricated it himself. They do wonders for the boat because they push the mass over the top of the transom so the weight bears straight down instead of "levering" it backward (which is opposite the way it was made to handle pressure). After a summer of going to the Little Su on that nasty road, the gussets on my boat usually need to be repaired because they start cracking at the welds from the motor flexing the transom (I have a 6" riser also). Might be time to make one up.

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      I would make or have one built or something.

      Or at least strap the motor down, so it can't flop around when you're trailering. That's what I did when I had my outboards.

      Thinking back I really should have built a transom saver.


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        I'm going to try it....

        I found one at Sportsmans (money hole) that extends out to 36". It's a universal and the one end forms a V and has a bungee that wraps around the lower unit. It rests against the upper part of the lower unit, right below where it bolts on. It seems like it'll work.....I'll let you know, I'm taking down the Parks Hwy tomorrow from Fbnks to Willow. That road is bad in a few spots, so I'll most likely just take it slow.

        It doesn't get the motor all the way up over the transom, but I can't see that it would with a prop either.

        Motor moving around hasn't been an issue with the no feedback steering.

        Thanks for the info.



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