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  • Good Lifejacket?

    Am thinking about upgrading my lifejacket to something very high quality. I'm currently using a real basic model that's a little bulky and since I've put on a few pounds over the years doesn't fit so well anymore.

    Use would be on a riverboat for hunting/fishing. I'd like something really top notch and that I'd be comfortable in all day. Obviously, comfort is going to be a personal thing and I'll end up trying a lot of stuff on. Interested in your opinions.


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    There are SOSpenders for something compact, or if you're in cold water, I'd strongly consider a Mustang float coat.

    Just remember on rivers and with boots than can fill up with water, you need more flotation than a typical warm water life jacket.
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      SOSpenders make several inflatable models that are not USCG approved. They also make some that are. Dont forget if it does not say USCG approved on it you could get writtin up. Maybe by me! Also I find alot of people that have inflatables but do not maintain them. If you get an inflatable make sure you test and replace consumables every year. Personally I dont like inflatables but if your gonna get one make sure it is USCG approved and take care of them as you do all your survival gear.


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